Yes, you do want your own domain

Whether you're just starting out or taking your brand to the next level, grabbing your domain name is a smart idea. Use it as your link in bio, point it to your store or site, or forward it to your landing page to level up your digital presence.

Take control of your brand

Your domain is your digital ID. With a custom domain, you truly own your online presence.

Endless linking options

Today it's your sign-up form. Tomorrow it’s your Linktree. Next month it's your custom website. Redirect your domain as needed, so your audience always knows where to find you.

Keep it simple

Setting up a domain with Hover is about as easy as scrolling through reels. You’ll be ready to share your content with your audience in just a few clicks.

Hover has your back

We offer top-notch security and industry-leading privacy, and if you need help, a friendly human is just a message or phone call away.

We think about domains and email so you don’t have to.

Our focus is on making it easy to find and register the perfect domain. It’s what we do - so you can focus on what you do.


Stand out from the crowd with the perfect domain name and extension for your idea.


You don't need a website to get a professional email address. Finally get rid of that

Ready to stand out from the crowd? Grab your name before it’s gone!

*$4.99/year is based on domain extentions we have on sale. The price of your domain may vary depending on the domain extension you choose.