Are you an affiliate marketer?

If you’re someone with a space online that is owned by you - whether it’s a blog, a website, an email newsletter, a YouTube channel, or similar, you have the opportunity to be an affiliate marketer.

Why be an affiliate of Hover?

Hover is a domain name registrar based out of Toronto, Canada since 2008. We offer modern tools that make domain registration and management a breeze. We sell domain names and mail solutions for individuals, small businesses, and much more. Hover's customers are happy to be with us and your audience will be, too!

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Benefits of Hover's Affiliate Program

Apply for our Affiliate Program
20% commission rate per referral
Regularly scheduled payouts
Set up quickly and easily through Impact Radius
No minimum sales requirements
Hover Support channels available
Your audience will like us (our customers do!)


Who qualifies to be an Affiliate Marketer?

Any person with a space online that is owned by you - whether it’s a blog, a website, an email newsletter, a YouTube channel, or similar, you have the opportunity to be an Affiliate Marketer.

A good use case of Affiliate Marketers are bloggers who write relevant content and link out to their affiliate links through their content. An example of a successful Affiliate Marketer’s content piece would be, Just a Girl and Her Blog and the author’s post on How to Start a Blog. This content piece is relevant to Just a Girl and Her Blog’s audience and provides value to the author’s audience, while also linking out to the author’s Affiliate links, which in turn providers value to the author.

What service does Hover use to manage their Affiliate Program?

Hover uses ImpactRadius to manage the Affiliate Program. Impact Radius is an affiliate and partnership management tool that Hover uses to manage registrations, payouts, and more for our affiliates.

How do you sign up to be a Hover Affiliate Marketer?

You can sign up to be a Hover Affiliate Marketer through Impact Radius.

What information do I need to provide upon registration with Impact Radius?

When you sign up to be a Hover Affiliate Marketer, be prepared to provide information about yourself, your address, your tax information, and more. You can view the information required in the form by visiting ImpactRadius and Hover's co-branded sign up page.

How do I set up Hover Affiliate Marketing on my website?

You can grab text links and promotions inside your ImpactRadius account to advertise Hover on your website.

What are the commission rates and payout timelines?

We have a 20% commission rate per sale. There are no minimum sales requirements. An Affiliate Marketer earns 20% on referrals for products. The earned commission is a one-time payout for the purchase/products the Affiliate Marketer directed a customer to.

Impact Radius pays out on the 15th day of the following month of sales. For example, sales in September are paid out October 15th.

*Please note that tiered and premium domains do not qualify for affiliate marketer commission.

How does Hover track conversions?

Hover implemented tracking pixels when we joined ImpactRadius to track all affiliate sales. There is a 30 day cookie for sales associated with your link.

I want to earn Hover dollars, but not become an Affiliate Marketer. Are there other options to earn with Hover?

If you want to earn a few bucks towards your next domain name purchase, we recommend taking part in our Refer-A-Friend program. Sign in to your Hover account and check out the information on the Referrals section to learn more about how you can easily earn Hover credit.

I am a larger company, like a co-working space or website building platform. I think we have a larger partnership opportunity here. Is this possible?

If you have a large customer base, maybe you operate a company like Volusion or SquareSpace, and you want to offer domain names and mailboxes as part of your suite of services to your customer base then we could look into a larger partnership. Read more on our partnership page and see our case study to learn more about how Hover can work directly with your team on a custom solution.

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

If you have more questions about Hover's products or services, please reach out to Hover's Help Centre. We recommend inquiring via email or live chat. Please note that based on your inquiry, you may be redirected to our marketing and partnerships team.

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