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Make life easy for your customers and yourself

Seamless experience

Your customers register their domain and point it to your service in a few clicks. No need to fiddle with DNS settings.

No maintenance or support work

Hover will fully manage your customers’ domains. And, our friendly North American support team has got them covered if they have questions.

Competitive advantage

Give them the full-service experience. Why would they look elsewhere when they can register their domain with you?

Discount pricing

Hover Connect partners get special pricing, so you can offer free or discounted domains to your customers.

The Hover Connect Experience

Step 1
Your customers sees that a discounted or free domain is included as part of your service—sweet!

Step 2
You send them to your unique Hover landing page, where they use our intuitive search to find their perfect domain.

Step 3
They checkout, and we direct them back to your service—whichever page your specify.

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Who is Hover Connect for?

Your customers deserve an awesome domain experience. Outsourcing this small but essential service to Hover lets you keep customers happy and stay focused on your core business. Hover Connect is perfect for:

Site builders & hosting companies

Business & digital service providers

Those looking to exit the domains business

Want to offload your existing domains service? Hover will ensure a smooth transition for you and your customers.

Your customers will be in good hands, and they’ll have an easy means to connect any new domains they register to your services.

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You’re in good company with Hover Connect

Big-name website builders and digital service providers of all kinds have partnered with Hover to create a better customer experience.

Want to sell domains right from your website?

Check out Storefront, a white-label reselling solution from our sister company, OpenSRS.

Our customers love us.
We’re confident yours will, too.


Behind the Film

“Making backend changes and getting any domain setup is just so easy. Even transferring to or from Hover is simple. And I absolutely loving having chat support!”


Summer Affirms

“Having been with Hover for a number of years, I can’t fault the company. Great customer service and it’s a space you really feel like you're listened to, not just another customer.”


Em & El Organics

“You're drama-free, really nice, and you make everything work even for a non-technical minded person like me!”


Lost Dog Ventura County

“You folks are helpful, provide a great service, and at great prices!”


Wild Man Dan

“Our first and only choice. We come back for each stage of our business. The bnb, the brewery, the distribution company, and next might be a bakery.”


Gatefold Jacket

“Simple to use and a great interface! Customer service is great and quick to respond.”

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Does being a Hover Connect partner cost anything?

Nope, we offer the service for free to all partners who qualify. We see it as a win-win. You get to offer them an awesome experience and a deal on their domain(s). We get a referral.

Which types of domains will I be able to offer my customers?

Hover offers over 400 top-level domains (TLDs), from classics like .COM to niche ones like .YOGA. Ultimately, your customers can choose whatever domain they like. However, the price of a domain name depends on the TLD. Most Hover Connect partners like to be able to offer their customers free domains or special pricing. We highly encourage this approach, and we’ll work with you to determine which TLDs to highlight or offer a deal on.

What is the Hover Connect experience like for partners?

We work with you collaboratively while taking care of the heavy lifting. Here’s how it works:

  1. Together, we identify the most relevant TLDs and best discount structure for your customer base.
  2. You provide us with the DNS settings that a domain name requires to work with your service, such as a CNAME or A record.
  3. We create a co-branded domain search landing page for your customers. We’ll automatically apply the proper DNS settings to any domains purchased through this page.
  4. If you’re offering your customers a discount on their domains, you’ll connect to Hover’s simple API to automatically generate and track vouchers for your customers.
  5. You can integrate the link to the co-branded landing page into your existing registration flow or customer portal. Your service will also be displayed to all Hover customers from within their Hover account, alongside our other partners. This means that if your customer forgets to register their domain through your unique landing page, they can simply click on your logo to connect their domain to your service.

What happens if my customers have questions about their domain(s)?

Hover has them covered. Our North American support team is friendly, knowledgeable, and available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time. If they need help with or have a question about their domain name(s), we’re here.

Can my customers also buy email from Hover?

Yes, all Hover customers can create a custom email address to match their domain. We offer two mailbox sizes, 10 GB for $20/year or 1TB for $29/year.

We also offer an email product called Realnames that lets Hover customers turn their name into their email address (such as without having to buy a domain.

How do domain discounts and vouchers work?

Vouchers allow eligible Hover Connect partners to add a free domain name to their paid subscription plans. We’ll work with you to determine which discount setup is best for your customers: a free, one-year domain registration, a discount on select top-level domains, or a combination of these options.

A member of our team will walk you through the details in our initial call.

Are there alternative programs similar to Hover Connect?

If you want to make domain registration easy for your customers, multiple routes are available. It’s just a matter of choosing the best option for your business and customer needs.

Here’s an overview that will point you in the right direction:

  1. The Hover Connect Program (which you now know all about!) is the perfect option for those who want to make domain registration easy for their customers but don’t want to take on the management work themselves.

    Who it’s for: website builders, hosting companies, and other service providers with a substantial customer base.
  2. OpenSRS Storefront is the solution for you if you like the idea of selling domains right from your website but don’t want to invest money and dev time into an API integration. It’s a turnkey, white-label domain reselling solution offered by our sister company, OpenSRS.
    Storefront lets you add an on-brand domain search and checkout flow to your website. You manage your customers' domains and account details through an intuitive admin portal, and they can also self-manage through their own account. Storefront is available to all OpenSRS resellers, so your first step is to create an OpenSRS account. Learn more at

    Who it’s for: website builders, agencies, hosting companies, digital solutions providers, and anyone else looking to simplify domain registration and management.
  3. Hover’s Affiliate Program is a great option for those who typically onboard a small number of customers each month and don’t want to manage their customers’ domains themselves. You get a unique Hover URL and earn a commission on sales made through this link.
    Who it’s for: agencies, freelancers, and web devs, as well as marketers, influencers, and others who want to recommend an awesome domain registrar to their audience and make a little profit along the way. Learn more

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