Everyone has their thing. Ours is domain names.

Whatever your thing is, your domain name is an important part. We want to make that part better.

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    We stick to what we know best - domains.

    We’ll help you take care of your domains, and be out of the way when you’re on to whatever’s next.

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    You should decide what to do with your domain.

    Point your domain to any service you want. Your domain is always free to go wherever you like.

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    If you have a question, you should get an answer.

    We hate phone trees, too. Whether you like to talk, chat, email or tweet, we’re here for you.

Sometimes big ideas need a little help.

From podcasts to festivals, we’re proud to be patrons of inspiring projects that help fuel the Internet.

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    Empowering underrepresented groups in technology by dismantling the stereotype that computer science is not a career for women and minorities.


  • Llc b0af2670302eaa593ed1fcf0beb3b0899743cf9750ff93fa0a85931a82ca13c9

    Ladies Learning Code

    A Canadian non-profit organization that offers women and youth hands-on learning experiences that are designed to give them the skills and confidence they need to become digital creators.


  • Radiotopia d0154ec8039f64b5c3059d8dc449f704af110cd2b0da6fab97e0e46f988a186a


    A network of talented creators that’s revolutionizing radio by building a collective of the best story-driven shows on the planet.


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    Offscreen Magazine

    Bringing the Internet offline, this independent print magazine brings readers away from the screen to explore the personal stories behind websites, games and apps.


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    Electronic Frontier Foundation

    The leading non-profit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world, including user privacy, free expression, and innovation through impact litigation, policy analysis, grassroots activism, and technology development.


  • Makerbase 645c99b7c8f70d96074ed2257f1ed66accfd4c3ef7a539a700f19785049575c8


    An editable directory that makes it easier to discover the people who created websites, apps, and other digital products.


  • Revpath 63db5f989092a2007f916003e64d74f46f23ba1ac71ddf123182f6b2628d2dd7

    Revision Path

    An interview series dedicated to sharing the stories of Black graphic designers, web designers and web developers.


  • Xoxo e1f86762f2c6aeeb27be5c7cece1a3eacd12cc4f8f20f111861a8c0d1c74eb76


    An experimental festival celebrating independent artists and technologists that use the Internet to both make a living and do what they love. Art kissing and technology hugs.


  • Manual 7794ffa4df68eed85807106bc39db4f3c8a63f4ebd76acc38b5086ff884550ac

    The Manual

    This design journal takes a deep dive into the stories, theories and ideas behind web design - rather than just focusing on the technical how-tos.


  • Prodhunt 71640e3ab6ae2be7a49e9af35c8c14aab44e9d6d98fbbb3285d902d15dace904

    Product Hunt Toronto

    A local community dedicated to discovering and sharing Toronto­-made digital products by hosting demos, keynotes, panel discussions and snacks.


  • Hohoto 87e8d28db7b3dacdbc4e702bc8ac6207a56dd6d3f9fb96ef7f77bc7096c4b9c1


    Sparked by a self-organized social media movement, this yearly holiday party raises sorely-needed funded for a local Toronto food bank.


  • Fightback 4de51d10e346262160af94819ad306959014d10f3d561b1f8727217cac411383

    The Day We Fight Back

    A day of protest to end mass surveillance and to protect the online privacy rights of both citizens of America and the world.