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Here at Hover, we feel pretty lucky to do what we do. We're the jumping off point for a lot of spectacular and bright people as they start their new businesses. When the lightbulb goes off and you've come up with the perfect business idea, you wouldn't be alone if the first thing you did was run to your computer to see if the domain name was available. Snatching up that domain name quick is an easy (though exhilarating!) part of launching a real business. Now, you've got quite the journey ahead of you. There are countless entrepreneurs who have done what you want to do, and many more who are ready to take the plunge. Our inspirational ebook aims to inspire your entrepreneurial journey. No matter what business idea you have in mind, we hope the stories and advice from these incredible business owners helps you achieve your goals.


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Hover wants to inspire talented and creative people, such as yourself, to take the plunge and finally get that business, brand, or company up and running. Putting your idea live online can be intimidating and challenging, but we know you're up for it. Many awesome entrepreneurs have already done it. What are you waiting for?