Get a .ZONE Domain Name from Hover

You're in the zone and when you are, no one can break your focus. Sometimes, people believe you to be zoned out, but you're fully zoned in. You take on new challenges and accelerate your success through hard work and drive. Your role as a brand ambassador and influencer has led you to accomplish and take on challenges you couldn't even imagine. Now, you teach others how to hit this level of motivation and achieve their goals. You push others to break out of their comfort zone and find their true selves. All of this belongs on a .ZONE domain name.

Britney Spears and Madonna were in the zone. Kanye doesn't want you to let him get in his zone. What's happening in your zone? Whatever it may be, it's one-of-a-kind and you deserve a domain name that highlights that unique quality.

Registrations, Renewals, & Transfers
$39.99/ year

Why own the .ZONE Domain Name

Get in the .ZONE It's a place. It's a state of mind. Whatever your 'zone' is, get your domain in the zone with a .ZONE domain extension! Fun, unique, and memorable the .ZONE extension will help your domain name pop out in search results, posters, business cards and anywhere else you showcase your domain. Find your .ZONE today!

A Little History about .ZONE

The .ZONE domain name extension is a Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD). It was released on April 30th 2014 and has nearly 25,000 registrations. The .ZONE domain is managed by Donuts registry, who categorizes it under their "News and Information" section. The .ZONE domain s available for registration by anyone without restriction.

What do I get with my .ZONE domain?

  • Available Terms 1–10 years
  • WHOIS Privacy Supported Yes
  • Transfer Lock Supported Yes
  • Auth Codes Required for Transfer Yes
  • DNSSEC Supported Yes
  • Tiered Price Supported Yes

    This domain extension supports tiered price domain names. Tiered pricing means that the domain registry has marked some some domain names within this extension as costing more or less than others. Tiered pricing domain names will appear with a blue star, and they have different registration prices than normal. Hover offers tiered pricing to give you the most options when it comes to buying domain names. Tier prices are determined by the registry, and not Hover.