Get a .WTF Domain Name from Hover

The Internet is your oyster. You bask in all its glory and all it has to offer. What do you offer the Internet? A fantabulous YouTube channel full of hilarious videos that make people wonder... how in the world did that happen? These videos have your audience sharing them to Twitter with a simple Tweet: "WTF." Your followers comment in a similar fashion, your friends message you on other social platforms with the exact same sentiment - but everyone loves your channel. Even if these videos tend to confuse they do expose the weird, funny, and mysterious of the world and that's what the Internet is all about. Your channel sparks conversation, even if it those convos have dissolved into a three letter word.

The .WTF domain name is made for content like yours. Everyone stumbles across videos, photos, blogs, and more that leave you laughing, confounded, delighted, or perplexed. Your target it all in your content and that's why your website lives on a .WTF domain name

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$33.99/ year

Why own the .WTF Domain Name

What the... There's lots of...shall we say..."interesting" stuff on the internet. From grumpy cats to double rainbows, every day there's one more quirky thing that comes along and inexplicably captures our attention. If your next website is offbeat and beyond explanation, capture its spirit with a .WTF domain name!

A Little History about .WTF

The .WTF Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) is a domain under Donuts Registry.The actual TLD has no definition submitted with its original application, but WTF is a common acronym used across texts, social media, and more. If you don't know what WTF stands for, well... you'll get it eventually! On August 6th 2014, the .WTF domain name was released with no restrictions on registration. This gTLD is classified under the technology and whimsical categories.

What do I get with my .WTF domain?

  • Available Terms 1–10 years
  • WHOIS Privacy Supported Yes
  • Transfer Lock Supported Yes
  • Auth Codes Required for Transfer Yes
  • DNSSEC Supported Yes
  • Tiered Price Supported Yes

    This domain extension supports tiered price domain names. Tiered pricing means that the domain registry has marked some some domain names within this extension as costing more or less than others. Tiered pricing domain names will appear with a blue star, and they have different registration prices than normal. Hover offers tiered pricing to give you the most options when it comes to buying domain names. Tier prices are determined by the registry, and not Hover.