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You’re ready to wave the Internet’s first virtual Pride flag. Whether you’re a passionate individual, a committed corporate ally or a small business catering to or celebrating its LGBTQ+ clientele and employees, a .GAY domain name helps you broadcast your inclusive and prideful values to the world.

The .GAY domain makes finding community, services, recreation, LGBTQ+ and allied businesses easier and more meaningful. Of course, at just three characters, the internationally-used identity really pops when it appears in your website, email address and social links. A .GAY domain makes your branding more personal, impactful and fun!

The visibility and representation fostered on .GAY is an important step in the ongoing cause for equality for LGBTQ+ people. What’s more, the .GAY domain goes beyond representation to make the world a better place for LGBTQ+ people and allies in two important ways: it funds LGBTQ+ causes and it has anti-hate policies to keep its corner of the Internet safer than the status quo.

The .GAY registry donates 20% of the revenue (not just profit) from every new domain name to LGBTQ+ organizations; inaugural beneficiaries are GLAAD and CenterLink. Its .GAY Rights Protections policy ensures that the registry can accept, research and take action against any content that uses .GAY to malign LGBTQ+ people or groups. See the Gay Rights Protections Policy for more information.

Registrations, Renewals, & Transfers
$39.99/ year

Why Own the .GAY Domain Name

The .GAY domain is one of the most anticipated new domain extensions. It brings together a diverse coalition of people and businesses. It is prideful, meaningful, sensational and altogether new and necessary. The .GAY domain is the first domain extension to not only create meaning online but also impact the physical world by funding critical work for LGBTQ+ causes.

A Little History About .GAY

.GAY was launched Sept 16, 2020 by Top Level Design registry. Hover sells .GAY domain names on behalf of the registry to uplift LGBTQ+ individuals and communities. Top Level Design was launched in 2012 in Portland, Oregon USA. Their domain extensions are centered around human connection, identity and creativity.

What do I get with my .GAY domain?

  • Available Terms 1–10 years
  • WHOIS Privacy Supported Yes
  • Transfer Lock Supported Yes
  • Auth Codes Required for Transfer Yes
  • DNSSEC Supported Yes
  • Tiered Price Supported Yes

    This domain extension supports tiered price domain names. Tiered pricing means that the domain registry has marked some some domain names within this extension as costing more or less than others. Tiered pricing domain names will appear with a blue star, and they have different registration prices than normal. Hover offers tiered pricing to give you the most options when it comes to buying domain names. Tier prices are determined by the registry, and not Hover.