Get a .FAMILY Domain Name from Hover

Your family has owned and operated their self-named restaurant for generations. It has been a large success in the community and within the city it started, racking up top reviews and continuing to offer the excellent service for which it was always recognized for. Now, you are launching the family's brand into the online world to give it the spread and stretch that it deserves. Soon, your family will be sharing recipes, pre-made meals, and more on the e-commerce platform. You can't believe how far you the family business has come and you are excited to see what happens next.

There are many ways to connect nowadays, but it can be difficult to coordinate everything when spread across the globe. Timezones, distance, and technology can all play a role in how easy it is. A .FAMILY domain name gives your family one place to congregate online. You can set up a website dedicated to sharing events, photos, and the social channels of your family members. Further, you can create family name mailboxes so that the family can share the information that matters to them most. Stay connected on a .FAMILY domain name.

Registrations, Renewals, & Transfers
$35.99/ year

Why own the .FAMILY Domain Name

Connect with the people who matter. The .FAMILY domain is for any family, group, organization, or business that wants to connect. It can be used to share information, photographs, stories, and ideas throughout communities.

A Little History about .FAMILY

The .FAMILY domain name extension first launched to the public on January 20 2016. It's considered to be a Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) and is managed by Rightside, who was acquired by Donuts Registry in 2017. The .FAMILY gTLD is available for registration without restriction by anyone.

What do I get with my .FAMILY domain?

  • Available Terms 1–10 years
  • WHOIS Privacy Supported Yes
  • Transfer Lock Supported Yes
  • Auth Codes Required for Transfer Yes
  • DNSSEC Supported Yes
  • Tiered Price Supported Yes

    This domain extension supports tiered price domain names. Tiered pricing means that the domain registry has marked some some domain names within this extension as costing more or less than others. Tiered pricing domain names will appear with a blue star, and they have different registration prices than normal. Hover offers tiered pricing to give you the most options when it comes to buying domain names. Tier prices are determined by the registry, and not Hover.