Get a .CLOUD Domain Name

Sometimes people think your head is in the clouds, but really, it's just that you can't stop thinking about digital disruption and innovation. You single-handedly built and designed a next generation platform, application or service and it’s all in the cloud. You’ve built it entirely with modern technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Blockchain, and Multi-cloud. Your high tech intelligent solution is straight from the future. You knew as the world evolved, people would need real solutions, and not rehashed ideas, so you built it from the ground up and you built it to scale. You wanted to highlight your innovation, so you put it on a .CLOUD domain.

Use the .CLOUD domain name to let everyone know that you embrace the future and that you are a digital innovator. No matter what you provide services for, your customers can easily find you with a .CLOUD domain name extension.

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$19.99/ year

Why own a .CLOUD Domain Name

It’s the smart domain for modern business. Whether you want to highlight your innovation, clearly define what you do, or build a connected business, the .CLOUD domain is for you. A .CLOUD domain extension is a great choice for nearly any type of website. For a more modern and memorable name, make your next domain a .CLOUD!

A Little History about .CLOUD

The .CLOUD domain name is a Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) that was released on February 16th, 2016. There are over 230,000 registrations in over 180 countries and anyone is welcome to register this gTLD. The .CLOUD domain name extension is operated by Aruba S.p.A., one of Europe's largest Hosting and Cloud Providers.

What do I get with my .CLOUD domain?

  • Available Terms 1–10 years
  • WHOIS Privacy Supported Yes
  • Transfer Lock Supported Yes
  • Auth Codes Required for Transfer Yes
  • DNSSEC Supported Yes
  • Tiered Price Supported Yes

    This domain extension supports tiered price domain names. Tiered pricing means that the domain registry has marked some some domain names within this extension as costing more or less than others. Tiered pricing domain names will appear with a blue star, and they have different registration prices than normal. Hover offers tiered pricing to give you the most options when it comes to buying domain names. Tier prices are determined by the registry, and not Hover.