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Get a .ca domain for only $15.99

Tell the world you're Canadian with a .CA domain!

A .CA domain is the Canadian flag on your digital backpack. Millions of people and businesses trust .CA to brand themselves as Canadian online. Whether you're a Canadian small business, an aspiring Canadian entrepreneur, a local Canadian charity, or just an ordinary Canadian with a great idea, a .CA is the best choice for your domain name.

.ca details

  • New Registrations
  • Transfers
  • Renewals
  • Tiered Price Supported
  • Available Terms
    1–10 years
  • WHOIS Privacy Supported
    Individuals only
  • Transfer Lock Supported
  • Auth Codes Required for Transfer
  • DNSSEC Supported

Special Requirements

All .CA domain names must have a connection to Canada. That means registration is limited to people or organizations that have a tangible link to Canada – like citizens or permanent residents, businesses or organizations located in Canada. Read more about eligibility in the Canadian Presence Requirements for Registrants (PDF).