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  • nydame

    Thanks for the great list; there’s quite a few blogging platforms I’ve never even heard of here. I’m definitely going to check out Wardrobe.

  • TJ Ifill

    what about http://www.theblogpress.com?
    I know they are relatively new since there hasn’t been much reviews… but how do the measure up?

  • KarenMJ

    Blogsy is no more, sadly (since January). The Fomola website no longer exists either. You can see their last Facebook post here: https://www.facebook.com/blogsyapp/?fref=ts

  • Don’t forget blot.im

  • lena k

    I love svblte as a visual piece, but they don’t even answer their emails…how does it make the list? Weebly over Wix? Posthaven over Silvrback? I suppose it’s simply a matter of preference and connections, but I am curious as to what brings these lists (or the other lists, for that matter) together!

  • muhammadbilal

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