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  • P R Kumar

    thanks for sharing, such a valuable information

  • You might want to include the free and open source http://getgrav.org/ – In a couple of months it’ll have very promising admin panel: http://getgrav.org/blog/admin-plugin-development

    • Ah, didn’t come across that one. Thanks for sharing!

  • Reg Tait

    I’d suggest including Jekyll, GitHub’s leading (and blog aware) static site generator. It’s a great alternative to CMS’s or hosted solutions. http://jekyllrb.com/

  • Thomas Garcia

    All that said, this is an incredible item for fledglings who need useable, adjustable formats and a truly decent UI that bails them lay out their ideal email. I don’t have any involvement with their client administration.

  • what about medium platform? it is quite simple to use and it is minimalist model.

    • Medium definitely is a great platform, no doubt about that. For this piece we were focusing on services that work as standalone blogs, whereas Medium has a whole social network component built into the platform, so it isn’t the best choice for publishing on something that feels 100% like your own unique blog.

      Admittedly the same thing can be said of Tumblr which made it onto the list, but the social components can be kept to a minimum there.

  • Cynnthea T

    Your description of wordpress is confusing even for me; I have an independent blog host but the learning curve is steep. The difference is wordpress.org is a content management system for someone with a blog host and wordpress.com IS the Bloghost with content management system built in! For newbies, this is very confusing.

  • Romantic

    Medium is also a great alternative thats missing.

    I started this one: https://www.responsate.com
    It is hosted, minimalistic, without customization and combines (micro)blogging, question & answer and social news (link sharing and voting like on reddit).
    I am trying to build a community, I’d be glad if you try it out!

  • sonu

    blog platform on megasasta.com allows you to write your own blog free and also to earn directly from it by giving advertisement in its body.

  • Daniel Dunham

    Here’s one that I’ve fallen in love with: https://www.jotflow.com

    It is minimal, fully free, markdown based, clutter free and beautiful.