At Hover, we appreciate when you spread the word about our domain name and email services to your friends. We want to reward you for your loyalty with the Hover Refer a Friend program. Simply by referring Hover to one of your friends, get a $2 credit applied to your account!

Here’s how it works:

1. Refer one of your friends (or family members, or coworkers) to Hover with your unique referral code.
2. They make a purchase on
3. You both get a credit of $2 added to your account.
4. Your credit will automatically be applied to your next purchase or renewal.

To locate your referral code, sign in to your Hover account and click “Earn Hover Credit” at the top. You can copy and paste your referral link into an email, blog or webpage! You can even Tweet and post your code to Facebook directly from the Hover site.

So go ahead and spread some Hover love. The more you spread the word about Hover, the more you (and your friends!) get rewarded. Its a win-win and if you count us into the equation, it’s a near impossible win-win-win trifecta. Go to your account page now and spread the Hover love.

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