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  • Ann

    Hi Michael, I clicked on the link in this article to Afternic and could not connect – using Safari on a Mac. Your article did not mention how to find out how much my domain is worth. I am curious since I have been contacted about this in the past. thx, Ann

    • Hi Ann, I’m not sure why the Afternic link isn’t working for you. I just tried it again and the page loads just fine for me using Safari on my Mac. Perhaps the site was temporarily down when you tried clicking it initially?

      To find out how much your domain is worth, we have an article that explains different techniques to arrive at a value. It’ll take a little work on your end but it’ll help point you in the right direction: https://www.hover.com/blog/find-out-domain-name-value/

  • Hiya! I love Hover! But I’ve gotta be honest, I hate this article. By trying to legitimize the corrupt practice of domain extortion you’re placing yourselves squarely as the Goldman Sachs of cyberspace. Just as they plotted to betray their own customers, so you do with this posture.

    Domain squatting is pretty much the equivalent of patent trolling. It’s greed destroying the commons and making a worse world for everyone. People who buy up domains are bad enough, but when registrars “reserve” domains and never allow them to be accessed by the public they theoretically serve, it’s essentially insider trading.

    I hate that organizations like you extort thousands from startups, but at least, as you say, it can be part of startup funding. What I hate even more is that you take thousands and thousands of names out of possible circulation. For someone who’s “just a blogger”, paying 10 or 100 thousand dollars will never happen. So names that some blogger could use sit unused waiting for that theoretical day when someone can be extorted for it.

    I’m pretty sure that Hover is good. But this posture is evil. Please rethink it.

    • Hi Xue, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the article and premium domains in general. You certainly have some valid points.

      Hover’s goal is to help people easily find, buy and manage the best domain names possible for their websites. Whether you love or hate the idea of premium domains, they are very much a reality of the domain industry. This leaves us with two options: ignore all of these domains or include them in search results for our customers. By not including premium domains in search results, a person may be missing out on the perfect domain name they’re after even if a higher price isn’t a concern of theirs.

      Also, to add a bit more clarification, the majority of premium domain prices are set by either the individual who owns the domain or by the registry who owns the top-level domain being used.

      One often overlooked way of levelling the playing field are the hundreds of new TLDs that are now available, which were created in part to address this very issue. Using the example from this article, easypasta.com is available at a premium price, but easypasta.online, easypasta.xyz, easypasta.menu and so on are all available at regular prices. So it is nearly impossible to run into a scenario where it’s either a premium domain or nothing.

      I hope that this provides a bit more context and better explains Hover’s approach to premium domains.