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  • DesignerType
    • Thanks for sharing. The approach of pairing Raleway with another font (in our case, Arial) was the solution we implemented on the blog when we put together the template and noted it was tough to read.

      We also explored the same solution for the rest of Hover (Raleway for headings, Arial everywhere else) after the launch. In the end, it was deemed better to just revert back to the old font mix we had prior (DIN and Arial).


    Speaking of website changes, could Hover serve “/blog/” over HTTPS as well? Everything else seems to be covered but “/blog/” isn’t. The more HTTPS the better!

    • Good suggestion. The blog doesn’t share sign in or even live on the same server as the rest of Hover, so it’s not been a priority for us to this point. But with Google’s recent suggestion that they would rank sites secured with SSL higher, it might be time for us to make the switch.