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  • Good luck everyone :-D

    • sarahgeorges

      Good luck to you Charlie :)

  • Jonas

    Please post such an important detail as “US and Canada residents only” more prominently than just as 10th item in Fine Print.

    • sarahgeorges

      Thanks for the feedback Jonas. I’ve made some updates.

      • David

        Ideally it should be menioned in the opening paragraph of the page, otherwise you read and then get disappointed let.

    • sarahgeorges

      Jonas, our giveaway is now international.

  • Simon

    Looks nice, but a bit disappointing this doesn’t your international customers. Ah well, I’m still a Hover fan.

    • sarahgeorges

      Simon, we’ve now opened the contest internationally! :)

  • Keith Wessel

    I don’t have any domain names registered with Hover, but I do have my family’s email with one of your vanity domains. Is renewing my email hosting with Hover using the promo code also good for five entries?

  • TonyGFT

    I do not know when we are ready for renewal. Am I still eligible even if my renewal is automatic withdraw?

    • sarahgeorges

      Yep. You can manually renew and use the code that way.

  • How do I know the vacaygiveaway promo code actually registered? I renewed a domain, entered the promo code, clicked update but nothing really changed, even after checkout. The email receipt didn’t mention anything either…

    • sarahgeorges

      Hey TJ. The reason why you didn’t see it is because it’s not taking off any discount. If you entered the promo code at checkout or used the URL hover.com/vacaygiveaway, you can be assured that you’re entered. If you want to make sure though, let me know the full name/email on your account and I’ll double check for you..

  • Very cool idea. Thank’s Hover! Good luck everyone.

  • chris kalapati

    Wish I had seen this before I renewed. :(

    • sarahgeorges

      Sorry Chris! If you’re set on entering the contest, renewing for an additional year will get you entries.

  • Chooch

    Unless I’m reading this wrong, you just gave me incentive to CANCEL my auto-renewing of domains because they’re not eligible unless I enter the promo code.

    I have half a dozen domain names coming up for renewal this month.. oh wait, three already auto-renewed, so I guess I get no entries for those.

    I love Hover, but it seems counter intuitive to get customers to stop auto-renewing things.. why wouldn’t auto-renews automatically be entered?

    • sarahgeorges

      We can’t change the ones that have already been auto-renewed, but you can manually renew using the promo code and still be entered.

  • Bruce Purcell

    WooHoo. Two of my favorite destinations (I live in Los Angeles)! Good luck all!

  • Paul

    Lots of complaints for something that’s being offered at no extra charge to any of us. Just want to say thanks for the great idea, and best of luck to all :D

    Keep up the good work Hover!

  • barış manço

    thanks http://www.hover.com for making domain allocation and renewal such a pleasant experience, thanks Canada :) the maple leaf state