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  • Yosef Maayan

    I already have both a hover account and google business apps. Is there some way to connect preexisting accounts?

  • Doug

    Google Apps for Business is $5/user/month. What exactly is Hover providing for the additional $1/user/month?

    • Hi Doug –

      A couple of things. Probably most important is that we’re offering a better class of customer service. You can call us at your convenience and we’ll pick up the phone immediately, no hold, no phone trees, etc. We’re also offering this great support to all of the users on your domain as well – as opposed to just administrators. We’re also offering full DNS support and instant activation, so the setup, onboard and management processes are just that much simpler.

      I hope this helps clarify!

      • Josh Bobb

        Great to know! Sounds like it’s worth the extra $1!

        One question I have is that, if I decide to link the two up (a Hover domain and Google Apps), if I were ever to leave Hover, can I still have control over the apps?

        • Yup – you can always transfer your Google Apps account to any other Google Apps reseller. They are pretty portable, just like your domain name. Your new Google Apps reseller will take care of all the details too.

          • Asmin

            Can it be just “detached”? I mean If I am not going to transfer it to another reseller but will manage it on my own.

      • mmcfee

        So, Hover would provide phone support to all my users for the Google Apps on my domain, not just the setup and DNS?

        • Exactly! If that’s not worth a dollar, I don’t know what is! :-)

  • This is great! As a web development agency that uses you for all of our client’s domain name registrations and uses Google Apps for email etc. for all of our clients, we’ve been wishing for ages that you provided Google Apps. I’m going to sound like I’ve been compensated to say this, but you guys truly provide the best customer service I’ve experienced in roughly 18 years of dealing with registrars. The pricing for the support is definitely more than fair.

    What I would like to request, as Yosef asked, is a way of migrating existing Google Apps users to your services. We’ll definitely use you for clients going forward, but we’ve got a lot of existing client accounts that would be great to bring over too, so we can offload supporting them.

    • We will be working on the ability to transfer in very soon. Stay tuned!

  • Tim

    Hi Hover. I have domains and paid email packages with Hover. What happens if I wanted to move the emails to Google Apps – does Hover refund the outstanding amount on the email package?

    • Hi Tim –

      Contact us and we can definitely give you a credit for the unused portion of your email against your Google Apps purchase.