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  • GF-REX

    I would be interested in seeing how many domains are being used exclusively for webmail. Anyone else just buy a domain because it would make a sweet email address?

    • That’s a great suggestion. We’re looking into if we’re able to accurately measure that and we’ll update you if/when we have that data!

      • Talking about email, I need help with getting the email service to work, so I can use the new domain together with my Gmail account.

  • Michael: Interesting stats! I have 3 blog sites (business, podcast, tea), using Squarespace. I will probably move them from domain host I am using now, to your service in the future.

    I recently bought the domain, TeaParty.Media from you and I will use a new web site tool called Sitecast for this project. The site will be focused on new media, business philosophy and the good life (including tea).

    All the Best,


  • Tierney

    This is a good topic. Love my domain names, and have a solid plan for each. My enthusiasm outran the time I can devote, so they remain dormant. Sad. This is a great reminder, get a landing page up, a small beacon until one has the time to develop, market, etc. Thanks. Motivated!

    • Happy to hear — and best of luck getting your ideas off the ground!