Buying a domain name brings a whole spectrum of emotion along with it. At Hover, we strive to provide an experience that makes the process as simple as possible. That being said, we’re well aware buying a domain can quickly go from fun to hair-pullingly frustrating within a matter of seconds.

Sometimes it can be too hard to express yourself with words. That’s why we’ve decided to present 10 GIFs that best sum up some of the common experiences that can happen when purchasing a domain. Next time someone asks how you’re feeling about something that just happened while getting a domain, feel free to send one of these GIFs to perfectly sum it up.

1. When you search for a .com domain and it’s actually available:

2. When is taken, but is available:

3. When you realize that part of your name works better as a top-level domain (e.g. instead of

4. When someone doesn’t understand why you’d want a custom email address with your name and asks, “why can’t you just use”

5. When you discover your website isn’t there anymore because you ignored all the warnings and didn’t renew your domain:

6. When you go to buy a domain name and someone else buys it before you complete the purchase:

7. When someone says to you, “awesome domain name, why didn’t I think of that?!?”:

8. When your friend says that he got a “pretty sweet deal” on a totally useless Deluxe SEO Performance subscription for “only” $50/year:

9. When there’s an amazing deal for a new domain but the registration service doesn’t list the renewal price:

10. When you get a strongly-worded email from a company saying that your domain name infringes on its trademark:

*BONUS GIF* When you go to a non-Hover domain provider and they relentlessly try to upsell you with hosting, site builders & other crap you don’t need:

*Browser designed by from the Noun Project
*GIFs appear courtesy of Giphy

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