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  • GuestName

    Any chance of HTTPS on the status site?

    • I’m not sure what the purpose would be for having SSL on that site. There’s nothing there that needs encryption unless I’m missing something.

      • Michelle

        Because all data should/ought to be transmitted over secure connections…? I agree HTTPS in this case isn’t as mission-critical because the status page doesn’t have any sensitive data, but implementing it anyway would be nice.

        • Fair point. We’ll look into what would be involved in adding an SSL cert via the third-party tool we’ve chosen to use.

          • GuestName

            A good reason is denying anyone the ability to modify what the end user sees. With network attacks (public WiFi, etc) one could conceivably display anything official-looking to a Hover customer. Low risk? Maybe.. but why leave that hole open when it’s easy to fix?

          • GuestName

            Ah, great! I see the site now supports HTTPS. Could it automatically redirect to HTTPS with HSTS? That’d be even better

          • We’re utilizing Cloudflare as our DNS provider and taking advantage of their Universal SSL feature for now.

  • How about using the page??? Just been told by Chat person there is a problem with Transfers – after spending an hour today and about the same yesterday trying to transfer a domain!!