Guest Post: Supporting Ladies Learning Code

Here at Hover, we love helping people do awesome things on the Internet. That’s what we’re all about. And with the current underrepresentation of women in the tech industry, we couldn’t be more excited to support Ladies Learning Code to make their latest event a big success.

We’ll let them tell you all about it in this special guest post by Nicole Belanger - TEDx Talker, writer, entrepreneur, and all around rockstar.

Early in the morning on June 7th, over 60 learners made their way to Ladies Learning Code’s home at The Lab for a brand-new two-day event called Hackapalooza.

For nearly three years, Ladies Learning Code has been offering beginner-friendly workshops where learners can develop valuable technical skills in a social and collaborative environment. In Toronto, thousands of people have already attended these workshops, and many of our learners were looking for that next step in their learn-to-code journey — and so Hackapalooza was born.

Two Days. One Website.

The mission of this two-day workshop-meets-hackathon for beginners was simple: over 48 hours, learners would build a beautiful website of their very own and launch it to the world. The weekend was filled with workshops, lightning talks, and open hack time, all facilitated by over 60 incredible volunteers from our community

Dozens of women (and men!) came from different backgrounds, industries, and walks of life, but all shared a common mission that weekend: to build and create.

From portfolio sites to business websites and beyond, each learner took a blank site and customized it over the course of the weekend, adding elements as they learned new skills like typography, CSS animations, and API integration. Interested in seeing some of those finished products? Check out the Ladies Learning Code blog.


Making Internet Magic

It was so exciting to see the incredible creativity and talent of the learners throughout the course of the weekend. They had a lot of information thrown their way, and they tackled these new challenges with curiosity and grit.

With Hackapalooza, we wanted to give our learner community the opportunity to stretch the limits of their digital knowledge and creativity and build something brand new that was all their own. One of the most inspiring parts of the weekend was seeing learners launch their completed projects live for the world to see — a moment that was made possible without the generous support of our friends at Hover!

Through an exciting collaboration with Hover, we were able to provide our learners with one free year of domain services to help them get that much closer to bringing their website to life. It was a pleasure to be able to work with a local company like Hover to help give our learners that priceless moment of pride when they take their site live on the internet.

With events like Hackapalooza, Ladies Learning Code is on a mission to bring beginner-friendly tech education to women and men across Canada. And with the generous support of our community — from sponsors like Hover to our amazing volunteers — we can’t wait to bring digital literacy to more and more Canadians every year!


Introducing Volume Discounts on Domain Renewals

Idea: the more domains you have in your Hover account, the less you should pay to renew them.

We thought that sounded pretty good, so starting today, we’re offering volume discounts on renewal. The savings start once you have ten domains in your account, and they go up from there.

There’s no promo code required, and the discount will apply automatically whether you let us renew the domain prior to expiry, or whether you choose to renew domains yourself manually at any time.

The discount tiers are as follows:

Domains in your Account Discount (off the renewal price/year)
10-24 $0.25
25-49 $0.50
50-99 $1.00
100-199 $2.00
200-299 $3.00
300-399 $4.00
400+ $5.00

Some Additional Details

In addition to these new volume discounts on renewals, Hover already offers a significant discount on most TLDs for transfers-in and also on quite a few TLDs for new registrations. And, unlike most other registrars, WHOIS Privacy protection is included in our prices (where supported).

Multi-year new domain registrations are treated as a single year purchase, with a bunch of renewals. As a result, the discount would apply to any years after the first year when you have the required number of domains in your account. There’s no need to do single-year registrations and then come back right after and renew it manually – we’ve got that covered so you don’t miss out on any savings.

Along those same lines, we also include any new domains in your domains total when doing those multi-year calculations. Let’s say you had 23 domains in your Hover account. Then you registered two more – the 24th and 25th domains. You’ll automatically get the volume discount for years 2-5 on those domains as you’d expect (since you moved up into the 25-49 tier).

New Hover Webmail is Just Around the Corner

Starting today, when you log in to your Hover email account, you’ll see a new option to preview our new, faster, better-looking webmail.

We’re giving everyone a chance to try it out for the next couple of weeks but keeping the option to use the current webmail during the transition. On June 25, new webmail will become the standard webmail for everyone.

Some highlights:

  • Much faster – you’ll instantly notice the difference in speed when opening messages, and navigating around settings
  • Better looking – webmail sports a more modern, and much cleaner look
  • Easier to use – we’ve improved the settings area to make things clearer and more intuitive

A few specific improvements from the long list:

  • Threaded conversations – you can choose to group messages by thread if you want (or not)
  • A far better HTML message editor – insert images, bold or color text, or add a bulleted list with ease
  • Better contacts – more fields to keep your contacts organized

…and more.

New Webmail

We’d love to hear your feedback during the Preview period (today until June 25, when new webmail becomes the default). There’s a handy link to the feedback form right in webmail if you run into any bugs, or have suggestions on how to improve things.

We’ve also published an extensive help article to get you started – check that out here!


Preview what we’re working on at Hover

If you’re the kind of person who likes to live on the cutting edge when it comes to things like your phone OS, new apps and web services then we have a little something for you.

Starting today, we’re letting people like you (and anyone else) take the next version of Hover for a spin.

Up until now, we’ve generally waited until something was just right before we made the switch and put it live for everyone. But sometimes we’d love to let a few people in on what we’re building so we can get some feedback, and do some real-world testing of a new feature.

Introducing Hover Preview

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. You can use either Hover Preview or Hover – it’s all one account, and purchases made on either site will show up in your account as usual. There’s a link at the top of Hover Preview that will take you back to anytime you want.
  2. Hover Preview may change – this is our chance to let you try out what we hope will be the next version of the Hover site. Things may change from time to time and features may come and go.

At some point, when we’re happy with how something on Preview is working, we’ll move it to the main site and start working on the next thing. Sometimes Hover Preview and Hover will be the same, other times it won’t be.

Hover Preview

With that out of the way, if you fancy yourself an early adopter and want to see what we’re working on, it’s pretty easy to get involved.

Head to and you’ll see pretty much the same Hover site as you do today, but with a vastly improved domain search and a refreshed pricing page that makes it easier to find the price for a specific TLD you are interested in.

We hope you like it!

Comments and feedback are always welcome. Drop us a line in the comments or on the forums.

Domain of the Month, May: HipsterFood.Kitchen

HipsterFood.Kitchen brings you original vegan recipes that sound almost as delicious as they look. Each post features gorgeous food photography that’s been shot with a professional Nikon and carefully edited with Photoshop.

The idea for HipsterFood.Kitchen came about as a way to demystify veganism. It was a response to the stereotype about ethical eating as an obscure, fleeting trend. The blog aims to show everyone that a vegan lifestyle is totally doable and certainly not going anywhere. It includes accessible foods that won’t break the bank and recipes that can appeal to eaters of all persuasions.

HipsterFood.KitchenWith a beautiful design and impressive photography, the blog reads like a coffee table book. One that would look especially great on a DIY, repurposed vintage coffee table.

Why we love it

HipsterFood.Kitchen took a leap with a new domain extension and ended up scoring a downright great domain name.

After four years on Tumblr, HipsterFood.Kitchen decided they didn’t want to build their entire project on a social blogging platform, only to risk having it fade away like a Myspace band. They recognized that a new domain extension would give continuity to their blog’s hipster theme.

HipsterFood.Kitchen is a domain that stands out from the more common extensions, like .com or .net. It’s a catchy domain name that probably wouldn’t have been available in those more crowded namespaces. Plus, it’s descriptive and tells us what the website is about, while keeping that little bit of magic that makes you want to see it.

Like all great hipsters, the folks behind HipsterFood.Kitchen have an obvious eye for design.

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5 Apps for Busy Freelancers

When you’re a freelancer, being busy is great. It means you’re fully booked with client projects on the go. It also means you need to find the right tools to handle your workload effectively.

There’s a big difference between being productive and just being busy. Time management and organization are key to staying on top of your projects without letting other things slip – things like marketing, following up with clients, or even more important stuff like, say, you’re personal life. Or sleep.

As a freelancer, you need to manage client accounts, draw up contracts, track time and be awesome at all of it. And the right tools can help you do that.

Here are five of our favourite apps for freelancers:

1. Harvest

Harvest is a simple way to track your working hours and bill clients for it. You just click to start and stop timers throughout the day when you’re working, so you don’t have to lose focus. When you’re ready to wrap things up, you can quickly create invoices for your clients.

Harvest also gives you some pretty neat analytics to help plan your projects more efficiently in the future. When the time comes that your client asks about the progress you’re making, those reports are pretty handy to provide updates and screenshots.

As a freelancer, you tackle all kinds of jobs in a day and not just in front of your computer. Harvest works on your web browser, desktop or mobile device. It’s also compatible with a whole bunch of other tools you may already be using, many of which are included in this list.


2. Square

Once upon a time, a guy missed out on a big sale because he was unable to accept credit cards. That guy was a friend of Jack Dorsey, Twitter Founder, who was inspired to create Square. Square is a pocket-sized card reader that allows you to sell from wherever you are. It’s an easy and cost-efficient way for freelancers to charge via credit card.

When you sign up for Square, you get a free card reader and the app for your iOS or Android device. You can pay-per-swipe or go for the monthly payment plan. We like the way that Square was designed to be simple, from the product to the pricing model. Nobody likes hidden fees.


3. Bidsketch

Bidsketch allows you to quickly create professional-looking proposals for your clients. It provides you with clean design templates that are ready for you to add your own images, colours, content, and even embed videos. All of your content is saved for you to reuse on future proposals.

Bidsketch is easy to customize with your logo and even your own domain name to make the whole proposal experience feel consistent with your brand. Since it’s quick and easy to send, you’ll close deals faster and your clients will save time too.

4. HelloSign

Sometimes there are other kinds of documents that need to be signed aside from just client proposals, like insertion orders, deliveries and other deals. You can create and share those other legally-binding documents using HelloSign.

Just like Bidsketch, your documents can be signed right in your client’s browser, saving the time and money required to print, scan and send. HelloSign keeps all your important info completely private and secure, and even supports two-factor authentication for your documents. Win.


5. Trello

When you’re managing a project (or twelve), it’s nice to be able to visualize what needs to be done. Trello allows you to create and organize your to-do lists. All of your clients and projects are organized into columns, with their individual tasks laid out on cards that are easy to customize.

When it comes to project management apps, it’s one of the most basic tools we’ve seen. The user interface is laid out in a way that just makes sense. If you’re working with a team, Trello offers collaboration tools too, so everyone can stay on the same page.

Trello is free to download with unlimited lists and usage. The paid version has some extra bits of functionality you might like (such as support for larger attachments) and some you’ll definitely like (custom emoji, obviously).





We Stand Up for Net Neutrality and You Should Too

Today is (yet another) day of action to defend the Open Internet. Yes, there are a lot of these. Yes, they are important. Those wishing to limit the power of the Internet don’t stop, so we can’t either.

The Federal Communications Commission is proposing new rules to allow Internet providers to discriminate based on content to deliver separate and unequal connection speeds. While providers will speak of “priority access” and “fast lanes,” the reality is that we’ll see SLOWER access to non-prioritized (i.e. paid) sites.

We (and our parent company, Tucows) are longtime supporters of an Open Internet. In a truly neutral Internet, all traffic is treated the same.

If you want to help the protest and show Congress you care about Net Neutrality, you can run the code on your website too. If you are in the United States you should contact Congress and let them know this is wrong. You can also join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #stoptheslowlane.



.Club Domains Are Here

We launched .club domains this week and we’re pretty excited about it.

It’s one of our favourite new domain extensions and we’re not the only ones who feel that way – .club is already ranking the sixth most popular of all the new domain extensions, and they’ve only been generally available for two days. We love that it’s a name that can add meaning for all kinds of groups, businesses and associations.

In fact, we love them so much that we’re offering them for just $10/yr. That’s the lowest price out there for a one year registration of .club.


What’s so great about .club?

.Club domains are perfect for member associations and groups of all types:

  • Country clubs
  • Sports clubs
  • Night clubs
  • Fan clubs
  • Book clubs
  • Loyalty programs
  • Affinity groups
  • Teams

Even online groups that are based on social media sites, like Facebook, can use .club to create a unique and dedicated domain. They’re instantly recognizable and tell everyone what your website is about.

It’s easy to get a great domain name with .club. Since there are plenty of options available, you have a better chance of getting an exact match of your group’s name without compromising. That’s not so easy in the more crowded namespaces of other generic domains, like .com ( is available, just saying).

There are no restrictions on .club domains, so they’re just as easy to get as the more common options. Just head over to Hover and search a few keywords for your club or group to see what’s available!

Also, the .club registry has a great jingle that’s not to be missed. We’ve been enjoying it here at Hover HQ.




Notes from the Product Manager for April, 2014

It’s said that April showers bring May flowers. In Toronto, where Hover is headquartered, not much seems to be happening throughout the month of April in terms of the switch from dreary winter to green and colourful spring. But once May hits, look out! Seemingly overnight the trees will (hopefully) sprout a green canopy of leaves and the gardens will explode with spring flowers.

Something similar is going on at Hover right now. We’ve been super busy this month with a ton of stuff, but there’s not really a whole lot to show for it, especially from a customer-perspective.

Better Search, More Domains

Dreary April in TorontoWe’ve been hard at work laying the foundation for some nice improvements to our domain search including categorization that will help you find the domain you want in a world with hundreds of different domain extensions. Watch for that in the next few weeks!

Speaking of new domains, we added another couple dozen new domain extensions in April. In fact, the pace of new extensions is quickening a bit as more new registries come online. Another batch of six extensions went live this week alone.

Fewer Bugs, Better Verification

We also stamped out a bunch of bugs and did some spring cleaning (staying with the theme). We’ve been working closely with our Customer Support team of late to identify issues that generate support calls and emails in an effort to reduce confusion or make things work better.

Last but not least, we made some additional improvements to the ICANN-mandated Registrant Verification. You’ll note that we now host the verification page ourselves at as opposed to the more generic (and potentially confusing domain).

Until next month!

Domain of the Month, April: Omg.Coffee

This month, we’re bringing you one of our favourite websites we’ve seen with a new domain extension. is a single-serving site that generates a new coffee animation every time you click. From vintage GIFs of espresso being brewed to your favourite coffee-related moments from popculture, they’ve got it. The site also works on mobile for all your procrastination needs.

It’s an infinite loop of caffeinated goodness. You’re welcome.


Why we love it

This is exactly what we love about the new domain extensions (TLDs). You don’t need some brilliant branding strategy or startup idea to make the most of them.

We’ve seen lots of people adopting the new TLDs in lots of interesting ways, like updating their domain names to better ones, since they no longer need to settle for a domain that’s less than perfect.

We’ve also seen people just doing decidedly awesome stuff with the new TLDs. Stuff that just wasn’t possible with more limited domain options, where most short and meaningful keywords are already taken.

There are so many opportunities to create entertaining microblogs and single-serving sites with the new TLDs. It’s easier than ever to be part of the unique Internet culture of epic practical jokes, crowdfunding, LOLspeak, and other viral phenomena.

With a simple idea and a great domain name, is now part of the weird and wonderful web.

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