POLL: Which is the Best New TLD? — August 11, 2015

Posted on August 11, 2015 by


Unless you’ve been obsessively checking our list of top-level domains every day, there’s a good chance that you might have missed some new ones that have become available. Over the past few weeks, we’ve added yet another batch of great contenders to take the coveted spot of the end of your domain names. With so many…

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August 4 Security Incident

Posted on August 10, 2015 by

On August 4th, 2015, we reset all of our customers’ passwords and emailed them a password reset link to create a new one.  Your account security is extremely important, which is why we acted quickly to reset all customer passwords. Over the past few days, we’ve continued to investigate and we now have further details…

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Finding The Perfect Domain Name For Your Wedding Website

Posted on August 4, 2015 by

wedding domain name

So you’re getting married. Congratulations! Now comes the fun part: planning, planning, and more planning. If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely reached the point where it’s time to make your wedding website. Whether the website is for your story, directions, RSVPs or all three, in all scenarios you will need to find a great…

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Bringing The Internet Offline: Kai Brach from Offscreen

Posted on July 29, 2015 by

kai brach

With over ten years of experience as a web designer, Kai Brach built his professional career with technology and the Internet. This is a similar story not just for other web designers but pretty much everyone else, as we spend more and more time looking at digital screens in both our professional and personal lives….

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Should You Register Every Variation Of Your Domain Name?

Posted on July 28, 2015 by

domain name variations

There’s a reason why we invented spell check, auto correct and voice dictation: most of us are bad spellers. This is a big problem for those of us with websites because one wrong letter in a domain name can be the difference between someone learning more about you vs. a Styx tribute band. To compensate for…

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