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  • mawaki

    Thanks for this informative post. This however seems to leave out the question of ccTLDs that are used as gTLD. I assume by now everybody knows about .io et .ly etc. More particularly I’d love to have your thoughts on the following : are there reasons to think it’d be stupid (or whatever) for anyone who has their domain name in both .com and .co (Colombian ccTLD) to build their website with the .co rather, and have the .com redirect to the latter? Would you say at this poin .co has achieved differentiation from the country of Colombia (just as have .io and .ly from their resp. country) or is its identity still attached to its base country? Thanks

    • I’d say that if you already have the .com and a ccTLD, better to be safe and use the .com as your primary domain in this scenario. I really don’t know enough about Google’s handling of .co to say whether it is distinguishable as a non-Columbian domain, but seeing the success of websites using .co as a gTLD leads me to believe that it is not heavily attached to its base country.

  • Souvenir S

    We were case study on .nyc . And we did very well as well.


  • How about different free domain and TLD?

  • I have been trying out the .co TLD and have found that you can set the target country in Google WebMaster Tools and target any country you like.

    • Jeny Lopez

      .co is the domain extension for Colombia, also Google is not the only player, there is Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu