The best email addresses anywhere

Hover combines unique domain names and search techniques to get you the best personal email address you will find anywhere.

Doesn't Hover offer the same addresses as everyone else?

No. Hover benefits from Tucows' ownership of an exclusive collection of named-based domain names (,, Tucows makes these available as shared domains for email addresses. Hover also benefits from its status as an accredited registrar. We have immediate access to every top-level domain registry to find out which domain names are taken and which ones are available.

The magic of our email search

Using the shared domains, multiple TLDs, nicknames and other permutations, we explore every possible combination of your first name and last name to present you with a list of the best available email addresses.

Shared Domains vs. Available Domains

Some of the names in this list will be based on our shared domain names and some will be based on available domain names. If you choose an email address based on an available domain name, that domain name is also yours to use for a web address. Through the purchase process, we will help you select whichever your prefer and help you with the administrative details associated with owning your new mailbox, no matter what the underlying domain name is.