Step up from your generic email address.
Check to see if your name is available.

An exclusive email address for life.

When she said, I do,
I grabbed When the twins were born, we got and

A professional email address.

As a sports presenter and fitness coach, I love how professional my email address is. It is me and I am my business. No need to ever change it.

An impressive email address.

As a high-tech consultant, name is my brand. There's no reason my email address should include someone else's brand.

A memorable email address.

I love that I don't have to explain what my email address means. My name is my address. That is so easy to remember! No abc or 123 added to it.

You can improve your email address without
changing how you manage your email.

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Forward your new address to the inbox of your choice

In ten seconds, you can forward email you receive at your new address to whatever Inbox you check most often.

Configure your email program to send using your new address

Configure programs like Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo! and GMail to send email from and "reply to" your new address.

Start introducing your new email address to old contacts

It doesn't require a big announcement. You don't have to stress about missing important emails. Here are some tips.