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  • Adam Elliott – adamelliott.ca

    I worked at Tucows for 10 great years.  Bought a house, got married and had a beautiful daughter thanks to the stability there.  Watching the younger staff grow up and mature, personally and professionally was a joy.  The CEO is fun and forward thinking, not only striving to improve the customer experience, but also the industry as a whole and the working environment for the ALL the staff.  My new company is still in the neighbourhood, and also a domain registrar and customer of Tucows.  Love the new digs, we get grocery gateway, there’s a wonderful lack of useless bureaucracy, and the owner is a rock musician in a local band (can’t beat that from my rock-roots perspective)!  I also get the chance to drop by Tucows on my lunches and see my old friends there.  Thinking of working for Tucows?   You can’t go wrong.

    Sincere regards (Mooooo)Adam 

    • Teemu

      I can’t imagine how your company could compete with big domain registrars. Is registering domains just part of you offering?