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  • webjac

    I tried to search for a .io domain but I get no results for .io is the domain search including .io? If not, how do I reserve a .io name?

    • Brandon Yates

      Just search for the domain and Hover.com will show you suggestions below, I use CTRL+F and type in .io into the input box on Chrome to find it quickly.

  • Brandon Yates

    I just bought http://Escorts.io !!!! WOOT WOOT!

  • Prasanth Vaaheeswaran

    Hey, what would the renewal cost be?

    • Alex

      Hey Prasanth!

      You can check out our pricing list and search the renewal price for your .IO domain here:


      • Prasanth Vaaheeswaran

        Oh my $80/yr, any chance you guys can work out a deal to lower renewal rates, hahhahaha I know I know, I don’t understand the complexities :)

  • This is the Best Domain Site available. I am new to all of this tech stuff and I am definitely happy to have found Hover.

  • When do you think you will get your pricing inline with http://nic.io. Your price isn’t very competitive. They charge GBP 60 (around $100) for year one and GBP 30 (around $50) for every year after. Obviously for year one it works out great, but if I keep the domain for more than a year, your price really starts eating away any reason to keep it on Hover.

    • We don’t have any specific plans to change our .io pricing but we do regular reviews of our pricing based on what we’re charged by the registries, currency conversions, integration complexity, support costs, and competitors’ pricing. So it may change at some point.