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  • GF-REX

    Wohoo! Thank you, Hover!

  • Pete S.

    Excellent. Just one question: could you have it so that users could enable both the SMS and the TOTP method of authentication and choose which one to use during login?

    Sort of what Google does when one logs in: you can use the code generated by the code generator app, but one can also choose to have an SMS sent to their mobile phone number.

    • Definitely something we can think about for the next iteration. Thanks for the feedback!

      • Guest

        Great to see 2-step authentication, but I would definetely like to have SMS option too. Google got me hooked on that.

  • Francisco Javier

    Thank you very much guys! I’m very happy you’re also supporting TOTP :)

    • The customer feedback was much appreciated. Looking at usage so far, it’s clearly the preferred method.

  • Rosco

    The stars have aligned. You guys are great. Thanks.

  • MajidCS

    I have new iphone then I lost my app 2FA .

    Now I cannot access to my account , How i can login to my account ?

    I didn’t have recovery code :(

    How I can send code to my phone ?

    • Hey Majid, your best bet will be to contact our support team at help@hover.com and they’ll be happy to assist you with that.