Hover Blog > Insight > Top 20 gTLDs: December 29, 2014 – January 4, 2015
  • John

    Did you notice who is buying the ,MOE names? Some major Japan companies-this could be one to watch. .MOE is short and very easy to remember. Time will tell.

    • Jane Ack

      .MOE is from the Japanese 萌え (mo-e) used in a lot of anime and manga and meaning something akin to ‘cute’ or being attracted to cuteness. If you look at the official .moe page, you’ll get an idea of the intended market for this TLD

      I’m not quite sure all brands will want to jump on this one!

  • John

    .MOE is probably moving up because some major companies in Japan have been buying along with major buyers here in the US. If this catches on it’s certainly one to watch.