Hover Blog > Insight > Top 20 gTLDs: August 4 – 10, 2014
  • D-row

    Glad to learn about the Top Level Domain Names – how exciting!

    Are there any upgrades to the recent Hover Webmail system in
    the pipe-line.

    To correct/improve for example – Compose Mail – The ‘To’ Field: –

    I want to send an e-mail to someone with a name and address
    starting with ‘C’.

    Old system – type the letter C – and there is a drop menu showing just my contacts starting with the letter C.

    New System – type the letter C – and there is a drop menu showing some of my contacts that have a C with in their address – so I get all the .Co’s and .Com’s – I need to keep typing until the drop list contains the contact I’m seeking. NOT impressed.

    • Hi D-row,

      We’re rolling out improvements and fixes to webmail on a weekly basis (sometimes even more frequently).

      I’ll check with the team on that particular behavior to see if it’s intended or not. Either way, I’ll pass along your experience and frustration with the address auto-complete.

      Sorry we’re frustrating you with that.