You’ve hung up the stockings by the chimney with care and now it’s time to stuff them with the perfect gifts.

Finding a meaningful present for everyone on your list can be tricky. Even the most organized shoppers can run out of creative gift ideas. All we really want is to find thoughtful gifts to show our friends and family we care. As the countdown creeps closer to an end, it looks more like we’ll be giving tree-shaped chocolates again, rather than something that will really get their chestnuts roasting.

Why not surprise your loved one with a domain name this holiday season? It’s a personalized and useful gift that’s suitable for just about anyone. Plus, giving a domain name is simple to do, so you can get back to boisterous celebration and merriment in no time.

A domain name makes the perfect gift

It’s unique

What could be more personalized than a custom domain name? Grab your friends their own piece of online real estate with a Unlike that series of reindeer sweaters, a personal name domain is a present they won’t outgrow. If isn’t available, .me domains make a great alternative.

It’s easier than ever to know what domain name your friends or family members would love, just take a look at their social media accounts for hints. Attending a Secret Santa party? There’s no need to know obscure facts about their interests or history. Try grabbing a custom domain for their Twitter username or Tumblr blog.

It’s useful

After all the gifts have been revealed, your loved one can get cozy by the fire and start creating an online presence. They can enjoy their domain name for the entire duration of its registration, and decide to renew it as they please. A domain name preserves its value, while other gifts lose their candor over time. Even that freezer full of fruitcake will only defy the laws of nature for so long.

Your friends and family don’t need to be web-savvy designers to make use of their domain. There are plenty of tools available online to help them get their website looking snazzy. You can easily create a personal landing page for your loved one by pointing the domain to their, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media account.

  • Need a stocking stuffer for your kid? There are plenty of reasons to snag little Sally or Jimmy’s before someone else does. That also makes it a great idea for someone with a new baby or expecting.
  • Buying for a new grad? Their domain can be used as a professional profile or resume for potential employers to find them online. Pick up a handy custom email address, and save them from giving out that email they set up when they were thirteen.
  • Living away from mom or dad? Warm their hearts by creating a family blog as a digital photo album. For the ultimate way to stay connected, set up GoogleApps to easily communicate, share updates and coordinate your schedules.
  • Have an artist, photographer or writer on your list? Their domain can showcase their creative portfolio or blog.
  • Know someone with a great idea for a small business? Encourage them to get started with a branded domain, and top it off with the best productivity apps.

It’s efficient

Hunting for meaningful gifts can really drain the holiday season of its spirit. Domain names can be gifted from the comfort of your home. You can avoid the droves of relentless holiday shoppers in mall line-ups and parking lots. You don’t even have to pay for shipping or worry about your gift being delivered on time.

Poof, ideal for the last minute shopper.

It’s simple

We’re happy to help you give a domain name to your loved one. All you need to do is register the domain name yourself, and then let us know you’re ready to transfer it to the lucky recipient. We’ll take care of the dirty work at no extra cost.

Hover elves are working all year round to help you find the best domain names. You can call us at (866) 731-6556, where real, live human beings will help take care of you Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm EST. No-hold, no-transfer, and toll-free in Canada and US.



Image courtesy of Olechka Design, at Etsy.

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