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  • lanyslinas

    How does this work for a domain that needs transferred e.g. utah red cross?  Having an automatic transfer request sent to them will probably cause confusion.

    • sarahgeorges

      Try clicking on the link again, looks like the wrong extension was added, thats why it wouldn’t let you renew. Its all fixed now! :) 

      • lanyslinas

        Thanks, FYI the Endless Water link is borked as well.  Out of curiosity, why are some domains $15 and others $10?

      • lanyslinas

        It got unfixed.

  • Kim

    I see an inconsistency in labeling that might make some organizations difficult to find….  The list of categories includes “Arts” but the group below is labeled Arts/Culture. 

    • sarahgeorges

      Thanks for the feedback Kim! I’ve made that edit.

  • Kelis

    I would like to add our local Humanist group, but there is no category for us.  Can you accommodate us?  http://www.vsha.ca

    We are definitly NOT religious.


    • sarahgeorges

      Unfortunately the domain isn’t registered with Hover, so there’s no way of us being able to facilitate that. Sorry! 

  • Nate KW

    I would REALLY love to see some LGBT / Equality groups on here and would gladly pay to renew them!!

    • sarahgeorges

      Hey Nathan! We would love to see some, too. Unfortunately we didn’t have any that applied when we sent out a form asking for submissions two weeks ago. If you have any suggestions please let us know! 

  • Well this is just flat-out awesome. Nice work!

  • petpost

    I like your post The more people who know about this campaign, the better! Lets make sure none of these charities have to worry about renewing their domain for a long, long time,thanks for.  
    the pet post 

  • Ianwmking

    Sorry, I just saw this, but it would be great if you sort them based on date of expiry.

    • sarahgeorges

      Hey Ian 
      Thanks for the feedback! We’re going to take this into consideration for next year. :)

  • Linda

    None of my charities are included in the list, including the national ones.  I am happy to post this, but maybe next time you could include some charities with broader appeal.  I support SPCA, Humane Society of the US (as well as my local HS), Children’s Miracle Network and Susan G Komen.

    • sarahgeorges

      Hey Linda. 
      Actually, like it says in the blog post, all charities on this list are registered with Hover. That’s the only way we can facilitate the renewals. We’re sorry your charities aren’t on here, but it looks like they are with another registrar. If you’d like to see charities you support on this list for next year, make sure to submit the form we sent out about a month ago and we’ll definitely get them on. 

  • Roald Atle Furre

    How do I renew this HOPELESS account ? I feel like getting out of the Hoover system !!!!1 

    • sarahgeorges

      Hey Roald
      If you’re having trouble renewing your account we’d be happy to help you through the process. You can email help@hover.com or give us a call at 1-866-731-6556 and we’ll renew your domains for you.