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  • marksidell@gmail.com

    I registered forteinc.com in 1992. Networksolutions says it was 30-sep-1993, but I think that’s because of changes in how domains were registered. Still up and running!

    • ooo nice one, thanks for sharing!

    • Mark

      I have used Agent in years past, but not so much these days. I do have a license for Agent v8 though.

  • Jungle

    unisys.com is quite old:
    Creation Date: 11-dec-1986

  • Ali

    why att.com and ibm.com didnt make it to the list, both registered in 1986

    • We were focusing on sites that have not been updated over the years.

      • Jake

        I was going to ask about apple.com (February 19, 1987), but I figured this must be the case.

  • Big Mike

    That was great!

  • MacEwan

    deadmule.com has been publishing Southern Fiction since 1995 ;-) y0

  • Ufupuw

    yahoo.com was early 90s

  • Aaron Tom

    The old Space Jam website is an internet treasure!


    It’s a little older than some of these (c. 1996) but still quite the relic.

  • Today is actually the 20th anniversary of web service at acme.com, started on 03Nov1995. The domain name itself goes back to 1991.

  • CLPettigrew

    compuserve.com – 1988