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  • GF-REX

    I can’t wait to see .ninja TLDs!

  • What’s the deal with some of the other upcoming generic TLDs, like .education?

    • No decision on that one in particular yet.

      We’re kind of playing it by ear and making decisions based on how complicated it is to work with the registry (some of them are insanely restrictive) and what kind of demand we get from folks like you.

      So thanks for the interest.

  • royalspirit

    The web will be more meaningful

  • David Román

    What about domains like .app or .dev… will they come soon?

    • There are multiple organizations looking to provide those which means they go through a longer process and end up at the back of the line.

      New TLDs will be released sporadically for the next year or two and generally we only know about a month or two out what we’ll be getting and when.

      .app is going to be VERY popular I believe.