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  • Please add .au TLD soon.

    • .au is on the short list. I know we have many customers in Australia and getting that added so you can consolidate all your domains at Hover is a high priority.

      • Hope so. My regular.au registrar of the last few years has gone to crap in the last few months and seem to show no sign of getting better. So sadly I’ve even been switching back to GoDaddy when renewals come up – pleasantly surprised they do .au now and actually have local phone support.

        But yeah – Hover would be the preferred choice – especially with the hosting, email and Google options.

        • Sit tight…the wait for .au at Hover is very nearly over.

        • No more sitting required. As of this morning, we now offer .au domains (well, .com, .net, .org, .id and .asn.au domains). For now you’ll need to specifically search for it in the search box, including the .au extension while we make sure everything is working.

          Transfers should also work as of today and one of the nice things about .au domains is that you can transfer them to Hover for free, and we won’t add any time to the registration.

          • Just started my first .au transfer. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

            Do you have a reseller / affiliate program? Manage upwards of 100 domains at the moment.

          • We do not. You might like OpenSRS, the reseller arm of Tucows. They are set up to allow you to manage domains on behalf of customers and have wholesale pricing.

          • Does OpenSRS do .au yet? Not on the list that I could see. (Didn’t work well on iPhone). Where might I find a code for the sign up fee?

          • OpenSRS does do .au domains. You’ll have to follow up with them regarding any reseller account fee.

  • dswilson

    It would be amazing if you could put the functionality of Hover into OpenSRS

  • Felipe Cypriano

    I’d like .FM domains

    • We like .FM domains too. It’s definitely a TLD on our todo list.

  • James

    Please add push email.

    • Push email is pretty sweet. That said, it’s not something we’re looking at in the near future. Using Google Apps for mail might be an option if you really need push on your mobile device.

  • Brian

    DNSKEY and/or DS records for DNSSEC-signed TLDs. Support for DNSSEC should be treated as a high-priority item. RFC5910 details how to implement it. It is easy enough, modulo keeping track of which TLDs support which kind (DS vs DNSKEY), but that is trivial and/or the EPP transaction responses provide a kludgey way of at least exposing the functionality.