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  • Kevin

    I like the speed improvement! The biggest thing I would change is the default font size. It feels like everything is tiny. The menu is also a little cluttered. I would rather see maybe four options and have the rest be under “More…”

    There seem to be lots of new features (like “responses”, “identities” etc.). I would rather have a clean interface that does the basics well. The new innovative features are cool, but they should be hidden or turned off by default and perhaps rolled out one at a time.

    Thanks for all your work!

    • Good feedback. The font size is a bit smaller than the previous webmail. We don’t have quite the same ability to customize this webmail as we did with the old one, but that is being worked on so we can perhaps bump it up a point or two in the future.

      I’ll pass along the feedback about the many features being a bit overwhelming to the team as well.

  • phylasnier

    That looks very good, but I found a problem that, at least to me, is quite serious. Considering that I’m using Outlook and I expect that I’m not the only one, this could potentially affect a lot of users. See details in a comment I’ve just posted to your update on facebook.
    All the best,

    • Thanks for that feedback (and sorry for the lateness in the reply). The team is looking into the issue you noted.

  • This is great news! :) Is there by any chance a way of previewing the new webmail without paying for an email account though? I do already host domains with you but don’t have the email as I wasn’t to keen on the old look ;) P.s You offer a really great service!

  • Borge

    I miss the feedback button from the new system, I didnt find it, hence I write here. The new email works good on PC, but not good on my android phone. The last one was better on phone, but not perfect. I cannot delete emails etc from phone, options are missing, please fix.