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  • nery

    I really like the new look and improvements in speed. Is there a way to format the page so incoming mail can be as a column instead of up top? I would like to use it as a column because it gives me more space to view mail in my laptop or lower resolution computers.

    • Hey nery –

      Good to hear and thanks for sharing your experience. There isn’t an option for the vertical-style message list with the preview to the right.

      That said, there is some work being done to improve the experience on lower resolution screens and tablets.

  • D-row

    This version does seem
    a bit swifter, but generally not impressed with designated areas for
    folders/contacts always in view, and two ‘attach file’ Icons, one in the header
    and another taking the Right Side of screen when in compose mode. Looking
    forward to the next version – this one is poor – IMO.

    • Thanks for the comment. We’ll be continuing to tweak things to make it better based on feedback from users. I’ve passed your note along to the team.

  • D-row

    I’m new to Disqus – Just had my New account verified – it appeared in my Spam Folder………………..

  • Mr. Ed

    I am sorry. I am old fashioned. Don’t like it, want my old version! I have had webmail for over 10 years. I like simple. And, I do not like the feature where I have to enter my email address and password each time.

    • Hi Mr. Ed –

      It was a pretty big change and I understand that it can be tough to adapt.

      As long as you don’t click “Logout” in webmail, it should keep you logged in and you shouldn’t need to provide your email and password each time.

      Also make sure you don’t check the “Shared computer” box when you log in. That’s a security feature to make sure that you don’t stay logged in when you use webmail from a public computer (like at a library).

      • Mr. Ed

        Thanks for the reply James. I never click “logout” but it still asks everytime. No real biggie. But, in the Search email option, I used to be able to just type a name (not their email address) I would get results. Now, I get nothing. I must type in the email address. Can you expand the search parameters similar to the older version? Thank you.

    • D-row

      Hi Mr. Ed
      I access the Login screen via a bookmark created from – webmail.surname.suffix/mail – rather than using hover.com – this way I enter my forename, press the Tab key and enter my password – the remainder of my email address is auto-entered. My Hover email is in the form – forename@surname.suffix

  • Adam Lein

    The “Filters” settings section gives a 404 error and my email listing will only show the size, flag, & attachment columns even if others are turned on. It won’t show From or Subject or Date, which are basically the most important columns to have. Very buggy and unusable!

    • Adam Lein

      That was on Safari 5.1.2 (6534.52.7) on Mac OS 10.6.8. On Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 8.1, the listing of emails with subject/from/date columns shows correctly, but none of them can be clicked and selected… which means none of the emails can be read. The whole point of webmail is so that you can read your email in any web browser without installing anything.

      The mobile version on Windows Phone 8.1 and IE 11 also does not work at all. The listing is shown at about 25% of the width and none of the emails can be opened. It’s not usable at all. You need to restore the old one until you can make this one work in all web browsers. It obviously wasn’t tested or programmed very well at all.

      • Adam Lein

        Yay! All of those bugs have been fixed as of yesterday! Now the webmail works in IE 11 on Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 and Safari on Mac OS 10.6.8.

  • Gentillylace

    Although the new look is certainly faster to upload, I prefer the old interface, which I have used for almost 15 years! I keep having to use the “open new window” function to read my emails in the new look because I cannot easily open my emails otherwise (I pulled down the exposure of the email that is being read because I like to have as full a page of incoming email as possible). Is there any way to get the old interface back?

    • Sorry you’re having trouble with the new version of Webmail.

      You hide the message preview (like I do!) which is just fine. You should just be able to do a regular click on any message from there to see the message content. No need to pick the “Open in new Window” option.

      When you want to go back to your message list, you just hit the back button.

      If for some reason you’re not seeing message details when you click on them in your inbox, give us a shout and we’ll see what the issue might be.

    • Oh! I totally forgot to mention there is an option to open messages in a new window!

      Go to Settings > Preferences > Displaying Messages

      You’ll find the option there. That might be what you’re looking for.

  • Boerge

    Go back to old version ASAP, as new version is not working very well.
    It does not work on my Android phone, old version worked ok.
    IT does not want to send email I wrote, it says it contains spam or virus, but if I remove my text, it will send??

    THis has not been tested very well, when I pay for this service, I expect it to work.

    • Hi Boerge,

      We’re still working out a few browser compatibility issues which might be what’s causing you issues.

      I suggest you call or email us with details so we can track down specifically what’s wrong in your case so we can get you back on track.

  • Boerge

    I write many comments here about not working new webmail, but they seem to disappear?

    • We moderate comments from first-time commenters. Now that you’ve had your first comment approved you’ll see comments post immediately.

  • Bill Greene

    Please offer a link to the old version. I have to use an alternate email from a different company since this new interface does not work on my old computer. I guess it’s about time to move all of my domains to Godaddy.

    • Hi Bill,

      Sorry you’re having trouble with the new webmail. We’d be happy to work with you get get things fixed up. Just give us a call or send an email and we’ll look into the issue for you.

    • Adam Lein

      Since Hover implemented the new horrible roundcube webmail interface that doesn’t work on anything, here’s an alternative web-mail application where you only need to log in with your Hover email, server, & password: https://mail2web.com/login/ It seems to work in all web browsers as a web mail interface should.

      • We urge extreme caution before giving log-in credentials to anyone.

        We’re working on a few browser incompatibility issues with older browsers and mobile browsers.

        The number of people counting on webmail on smartphones caught us a bit off-guard as we’d assumed most mobile users went with the default email client for the OS rather than using a browser.

        We’ll get there folks! Thanks for the feedback.

  • Tony


    The new
    Webmail uses a lot of resources on my PC – all the time!

    After a couple of minutes with the Webmail open, the fan on my PC goes to max, and stays there. When I monitor the use of resources it looks like it uses about 20-25% of the processors power, continuously. When I close the Webmail, this problem ends.

    I use “normal” Windows 7.

    regards Tony

    • Hi Tony,

      That seems odd. Sorry about that.

      It would be helpful if you sent details to us via help@hover.com so we can track down the particulars of your situation.

  • ian

    Very disappointing is the usage / waste of screen space. Why does it take one third of the height of a decent laptop screen to just see the first email?
    Even when editing an email the waste of screen space from all the options is huge. In general if I am using a web brower as an editor for emails I just want to write an email. I would hope soon that there is an option to tick so that automatically not all of the “rubbish” on the screen is not displayed.

    • Hi Ian,

      There are a LOT more options with the new Webmail. If you haven’t already done so, you might want to check out the Settings tab and poke around in the Mail Settings.

      For example you can turn off HTML for new messages. That gets rid of the formatting bar which I’m guessing is some or all of what you’re calling “rubbish”.

      You can also turn off the preview and shrink up the headers on messages a bit which might help a bit.

      Hope that helps. Give us a call or email us if you have specific questions.

      • ian

        Hi Ken,
        turning off HTML gets rid of the formating bar but then just leaves me with plain text so hardly ideal.
        If I look at the screen shot at the top of the page I carnt help wondering what screen resolution was being used and why you didnt show the really handy grey bar at the top of the web page I get?
        Bottom line (or top line in this case..), please consider that not all users of the web mail interface are actually working with a huge screen.

        • What resolution is your screen set to Ian?

  • D-row

    Just an observation
    but if you go to the Help page, under the General heading there is information on the
    ‘Work Area (list and details panes)’, this link takes you to some screen shots
    – Question – How did you manage to remove the Attachments Block? It does not
    show in either the Split of Full Pane, even though the message listing clearly
    shows an Attachment Clip!

  • Peter Rowley

    I mentioned this on Facebook, but it’s not clear what’s going to happen or when. When I go to mail.mydomainname.com, I see a login panel that has Webmail in orange, a pitch black background, and labels for username, password, etc in really dark grey. Essentially unreadable. But of course one expects the username and password in the order they’re in and so that’s only an aesthetic annoyance.

    But once you log in, the left hand navigation menu is super hard to read (dark grey on black), and it’s not the same as it used to be, I don’t think. So you have to look pretty closely to see it’s Inbox, Drafts, etc. Is this the way everyone sees it?

    If so, who decided that dark grey on black is a good look for an interface and why do they think that?

    And why is it different from the screen shots in https://www.hover.com/blog/new-hover-webmail-is-here/? They look OK.

    Puzzled in Toronto (really, Peter Rowley)

  • Boerge

    Still not happy with this new webmail, it does not work on my phone, the old one was not perfect, but usable on phone. This one does not work at all. Cannot delete and many other functions missing, it keeps logging out all the time. Is there a fix coming? Gmail is free and works flawless on all systems, here I pay money after all??

    • We urge people using mobile devices to use the native mail client that comes with the devices operating system.

      I don’t think webmail will ever give a great experience on a phone whereas mail clients can do that no sweat.

      If you’d like help setting up mail on your Android phone we’d be happy to walk you through the process. Just give us a call.

  • ed

    love the new interface on pc, but would definitely prefer compatibility with opera mini when i’m on mobile :)