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  • Todd Dow

    We use hover and square space – – – love them both – – – thanks to TWIT

  • Jim

    Interesting I’ll take a look. fyi your Squarespace logo up top is not linking to the site itself but to the logo png.

  • This is seriously amazing. I was going to Learn the Shopify system this year for e-Commerce (I still might do this) and also Square Space for client websites. As I get out of the WordPress single instance business (as a designer / developer) – but now I know I can focus on learning Square Space Commerce first, then Shopify. I’m really looking forward to leaving custom Word Press installs behind, unless the client as the budget for a new Toyota Prius : )

  • Carl Chapman

    Unfortunately commerce is only available for US users due to it working with Stripe… bit limiting for those of us overseas.

    • They just added e-commerce service for us Canadians a few days ago, so hopefully they’ll be adding more countries soon.

  • Stoked that added this awesome feature, plus the integration with Stripe is huge. They are changing the way people can build beautiful, functional websites that work across all devices.