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  • Chris

    Nice work, very helpful!

  • Jeff Eisley

    Any plans to add the Ghost blogging platform? (ghost.org)

    • We started small with a few popular services to gauge the response (which has been excellent so far). We’ll start adding to that list shortly based on suggestions from customers.

      Ghost(Pro) is a great suggestion and I’ve put it on the list to add it in the next round. Self-hosted Ghost is usually a matter of changing name servers to whatever host is used.

      • Jeff Eisley

        Yeah I use Ghost(Pro), thanks for adding it to the list!

  • Bobo

    does this make it any easier to transfer my domain & email to hover from 1&1? I don’t want the web site any more, but need to keep the email alive.

    • As of now, Connect doesn’t control transferring domains & email from one service domain provider to another. It is just used to configure your domain name with whatever tool you use to create/manage your website.