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  • Dmitri

    What can be done with Sprout social that can’t be done on Slack?

    • It’s like apples and oranges really, they’re very different programs that do different things. Slack is for internal communications with your team, whereas Sprout is for social media management. It’s where we respond to comments sent to the Hover Twitter and Facebook profiles.

  • Gregg

    How do you work with being part of a larger company – i.e. do you have two separate ‘teams’ setup? We have just introduced slack into our company however we work as part of a larger group so struggling to know best how to roll it out to the group as well?

    • We have a single, large team (Tucows) and then we use the group or channel names to organize like #hover-team or #ting-support. Channels that would be of interest cross-team are organized by topic like #tool-slack or topic-security.

      We have the added wrinkle of having people in offices around the world so we have some channels specific to locations as well.

      We started with Slack really early on before it was easy to be in multiple teams at once. Personally, I’d love to split things into four teams (tucows, hover, ting, opensrs), but I suspect we’re so far down the road as a single big team now that it doesn’t make sense to rip it apart.