How to use your domain name creatively with Squarespace

Posted on June 21, 2012 by

You’ve secured a great domain name with Hover. Now you’re looking to build your own website… and a good looking one at that. We recommend Squarespace as they make it easy to create a great looking personal or professional website with online tools.

Squarespace powers tens of thousands of websites for businesses, bloggers and professionals all over the world. For $8/mo., you can create a timeless, unique website with Squarespace’s 85+ style templates that you can completely customize. Squarespace is easy to navigate and, like Hover, they understand the importance of excellent customer service, offering online and 24/7 phone support.

Looking for a little inspiration before you jump in? Here are a few effective and eye-catching Squarespace sites that we found in our online travels.

The concept of Hope Revo is a simple one: promote compassion and kindness through random inspiring messages in public places. Throughout the site are notes of sympathy and encouragement posted by the site owner and viewers. We love the concept and think the design is excellent. The color scheme utilizes complementary colors that allow the title to stand out as the focal point. Site organization and navigation are simple and easy, emphasizing the main goal of the site. Bonus points for the donation link for their affiliate charity, the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen!

An online portfolio doesn’t have to be boring. Case in point: Laz Marquez is a graphic designer from New York City. We love his playful use of color and fun illustrations. The extra large ‘Twitter’ and ‘About me’ links at the right of the page aid in not only the overall look but provide an easy way for the user to connect with him.

Your website is like your online identity – have fun with it and let your personality show! Although Laz is a professional, you don’t have to be with Squarespace’s easy to use tools and designer interfaces that are 100% customizable. Have a look here.

Chris Hosmer’s website is one of the most unique ones we’ve seen thus far. The simple yet effective image-only links in the navigation bar are interesting and promote more user engagement. His site design is simple and clean, allowing his artwork to stand out (Check out his tape drawings!).

Sometimes its better to take a more subtle approach to site design in order to truly let your content shine.

When it comes to web design it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Squarespace gives you easy to use templates without sticking you with a cookie cutter design. Check Squarespace out for yourself.

Already have a Squarespace account? This article will show you how to point your Hover domain to your Squarespace site.