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  • Patrick

    Good article, but you need to refine your request to subscribe a bit more. I’m reading your blog on my iPhone and when I hold the phone in portrait mode, the “Subscribe to Our Blog” pop up does come up from the bottom of the screen as you describe and i can still scroll up to read the rest of the article. If I hold the phone in landscape mode, however, the pop up comes up from the bottom of the screen and covers about a third of the right side of the screen from top to bottom. This covers up the right side of the article and there’s no way to uncover it. Since I am already a subscriber to your blog, I can’t even get rid of the pop up by entering my email address – most annoying.

    • Mobile is definitely a tough one to figure out in terms of a non overbearing subscription form because there is such little real estate to work with. Unfortunately, MailMunch does not let us customize the appearance based on the device being used and its orientation. We figured that this would not be a problem for most readers because research has shown that a large majority of people read content on their phones in portrait orientation. Are you not able to close the form at the top right when it pops up in landscape? We were able to do that in our testing.

      • Patrick

        No, there is no button, X, hamburger, gear or whatever in the top left or anywhere else in the pop up that woul let me close it. It does appear that some portion of the pop up is extending slightly above the top of the screen, so perhaps there’s something there I can’t see, but the pop up won’t slide down to let me see what’s covered.

        • Thanks, Patrick, for letting us know that this is happening. We’ll look into what’s causing that issue and hopefully get it resolved soon!

          • Update: We think we found the problem! There was a bit too much text in the form, so when viewing in landscape on a smaller screen the form was too large and so you were unable to see the top where you could close it. We’ve now created a separate form specifically for mobile that has less text, so the whole thing should fit on the screen and allow you to close it. Let me know if it works!

  • Chris Gould

    Do you use a tool to create your weekly digest, or do you create it manually?