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  • hextazy

    GoogleApps is no longer available as an option when signing up for an email account? I can see all other options but not GoogleApps.

    • You are correct. While we love Google Apps, we didn’t get enough interest from customers in buying it through us instead of directly from Google.

      You can go to Google and get Apps and we’ll be happy to help if you hit any snags in the set-up process.

  • Ion Buicliu

    I just bought the Classic package for email and I can send email, but it doesn’t receive any email from anywhere. Am I not reading this correctly? “If you want an email address that comes with an inbox, Classic Mail has you covered with 2GB of storage…

    • Give support a call at 1-866-731-6556 (or email help@hover.com) if you need help with this. It might be something as simple as a missing DNS record. You should definitely be able to both send and receive email at your new address.

  • None of these options are here. I see Forward, Small Mailbox, Big Mailbox – What are these? I can’t find any info.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. We’ve since removed some of these offerings so, you’re correct, some of the ones listed in this clearly outdated article are no longer available.