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  • It is funny how Sweden .SE got a place in Gina Trapani’s new site. Have you heard about .nu (now in Swedish)? As a tea enthusiast, I am glad Palle Frid Svensson and I could get hold of TeaParty.nu! ;)

    Do you think .media will be a hit with content creators of new media?

    • It’s really hard to say what will be a hit, since there are hundreds of TLDs available now and they’re so new. We’ve been keeping track of what’s trending in our Top 20 gTLDs series on the Hover blog, which gives some insight into what’s performing particularly well. Personally, I do think that .MEDIA is one of the stronger contenders since it has many different applications.

      • Michael Keshen: Thanks for your reply. I will check out your top 20 gTLDs series on your blog.