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  • Smokeypeacock

    This only allows for pop3 access. Far better to use Google Apps free for full domain based gmail services..

    • I think it depends on the kind of user you are, whether Google Apps is right for you or not.

      Google Apps is definitely an option and our customer advisors get asked about it fairly regularly. We’ve even helped customers set up their domain with Google Apps.

      What we’ve found (and why this post was written), is that Google Apps is often overkill for what many Hover customers are looking for.

      The initial authentication of the domain and setup, combined with the myriad of options admin panels for Google Apps, and the lack of telephone support has been a source of frustration for users who only want the familiar interface of GMail. 

      Thanks for chiming in, we really appreciate it!
      (Hover Customer Service)

  • amcink

    Hey Smokeypeacock,
    Agreed, Google Apps is great as a suite of office tools on a domain. For a more general user though with one mailbox on one domain and who just wants to use the Gmail interface to send and receive email from their own domain name and personal email address, this way is much easier.

  • alexvicegrab

    How to do the same with a forward-only address?