Effective today, we’re making Hover email better, and changing the way we price it so it’s easier to understand exactly what each mailbox costs per year.

First, the “making our email service better” part:

New Mailbox sizes!

    • Forward Only: Get a custom email address on your own domain at a super low price. if you’re the kind of person who can’t live without the Gmail interface, or you want to keep using the email address you’ve had “forever”, Forward Only is for you. For just $5/year (less than pennies a day), you can create an email address at your own domain and we’ll forward mail to your existing email address.
    • Small Mailbox: It’s actually anything but small. With 10GB of mailbox storage, running out of space is not a concern for all but the biggest email users. For $20/year per mailbox, you’ll get a full mailbox that you can use on the web (with our brand new webmail), on the desktop email app of your choice and with the mail app built in to your mobile device (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and more). Your mailbox stays in sync everywhere thanks to standards-compliant IMAP, included with every mailbox.
  • Big Mailbox: More storage than you’ll ever need and then some. Forget gigabytes…our new Big Mailbox gives you a full terabyte mailbox for just $29/year per mailbox. Along with the big storage upgrade, you also enjoy shared calendaring and file storage. Like Small Mailbox, it works on the web, desktop and on the go. Never ever worry about running out of storage.


Easier Management

We’ve also made email accounts easier to manage. Email can be set to auto-renew along with the domain it’s attached to like before. But starting today, you can also turn auto-renew off for any email account. So if you don’t want it anymore, or aren’t using it, you can let us know and we’ll delete it at the end of the term (just like a domain name).

Second, the “changing the way we price” part:

Per email address, per year. That’s it. No more bundles. Want one Big Mailbox for yourself, two Forward Only accounts for your kids, and a Small Mailbox for your husband? You can do that in one easy transaction.

As before, the expiry of your email service is tied to the expiry of the domain name it’s attached to. If you add email to an existing domain, we’ll pro-rate the cost so you only pay for the time left on the domain registration.

Get more details on Hover email.

Already have Hover Email and wondering what happens to you?

Don’t worry — we’ve got it all figured out so that almost everyone pays either the same amount (or even a bit less) under the new per mailbox structure as you did before. You can’t imagine how much effort was required to make this happen (nor should you have to imagine it – that’s our problem).

It’s pretty simple to explain: existing customers with Hover Email will be converted over to per mailbox pricing as part of the switch.

You’ll receive an email sent to your account email shortly telling you how it all works. Watch for that, and if you find yourself needing more information, our support team is available to answer any questions you might have. Give them a call or email.

To sum it up, Hover Email is better, you’ll pay the same or less for the email you have with us today, and everyone is happier with straight per mailbox, per year pricing.

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