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  • Brandon

    What happened to email for business?

    • Business Mail is being phased out as a separate product. It was really just our Mail Plus product priced in bulk for the few customers who required lots and lots of mailboxes.

      If you are an existing Business Mail customer, you’ll get an email very shortly explaining what happens and how the new pricing will work for volume email purchasers.

      • Tevya

        Is the new pricing going to be cheaper for those of us who were on Business? Because it was very cheap, and I’ve been in the process of moving all my clients to it, based on that pricing. This $20/mailbox is decidedly NOT cheaper, and is going to really cause a problem, financially, for us, unless the bulk prices are the same as business before. We’ve made decisions based on what the pricing was. So I’m really hoping the above statement that it will be the same, or cheaper, applies to those of us who were on Business, as well.

        • Hi Tevya – I’ll have someone from the support team get in touch with you to explain how the pricing works for existing Business Mail customers.

          • Tevya

            Thank you. I’ll watch for it.

      • Charles

        It’s been a couple of months and I haven’t yet heard what is happening with existing Business Mail customers. Any updates?

  • JK

    What about push email? Any progress on that front?

    • Hi JK –

      Push email isn’t high on the todo list for the email team at this point.

  • hovercustomer

    Sooo, the email box that used to come free of charge with each new domain name – will now cost $20/year? On top of the domain name fee.
    And this is a better deal how?

    • A small number of customers were given an email address for free with their domain at one time or another in the past.

      Looking at your account, it appears that you are one of those people. You will have received (or will shortly) an email telling you what happens in your specific case.

      In any case, someone from our support team will be in touch shortly to followup and address any concerns.

      • Jim

        Actually most of my domain’s included six (6) email addresses. You state,” almost everyone pays either the same amount (or even a bit less)~”

        “Almost”… this explains nothing and just upsets existing customers.

        • My personal apologies for causing you to be upset or confused about the changes.

          One of the primary goals of the switch over was to avoid any impact to our current email customers, and to ensure that the cost of services remains the same under the new pricing plans as it was under the old.

          I’d ask that you email help@hover.com so we can get some account info from you and dig in further to see what your specific situation is and make sure you aren’t being negatively affected by the changes.

          Again, I’m sorry for any upset we’ve caused.

          • Tony Beerling

            Same for me: I’m a Hover customer for more then 15 years, my domain includes 6 email addresses and domain forwarding. Last march I renewed and paid $ 35.00 in total. Will this change to 6 times $ 20.00? That will be the end of a long lasting relationship…

          • The intention is to not have you pay more than you have in the past. It appears that you are a customer who had some email included that you likely weren’t aware of. Send a quick email to help@hover.com explaining the situation and they will make sure those get taken off your account.

    • guest

      Agreed. I don’t need webmail or a bigger mailbox.

  • David

    Love it!
    I think I’ll more the rest of my mail to you now.
    Good job Hover.

    • Excellent. Thanks for the positive feedback.

  • johanejohansson

    This is welcome news, job well done. Personally, I am not willing to give up on Push email, though, so I guess I’ll hold out another year or two for that :-)

    • Thanks! I also love push email (although sometimes it’s nice to not get email instantly, depending on the content). I’ll “push” the idea further with the email team.

  • Better deal? When I initially signed up for my first@lastname.net addresses, it was for up to 6 addresses at $60/year. Under this new plan, it’ll now cost $120 for the same. I originally used only 2 of the 6 email addresses and was charged the same $60, so I added 4 more addresses. Are the people that are on the 6 email plan for $60/year locked in to that until renewal? If we remove email addresses, below 6, can we re-add others and stay with the same plan?

  • Upset Customer

    So, for those of us who have PRE-PAID for our mail services, you are saying that even before our renewal period, you plan on removing unused (BUT PAID FOR) email accounts, transition the “used” email accounts to the new structure and CHARGE MORE for what we have already paid for? I understand price and product offering changes, but that should NEVER be done in a negative way for existing contracts. That’s very un-tucows like business practices and potential illegal.

    • We’ll happily restore the unused accounts for you and redo the price calculation based on that number so you have the ability to add more accounts through the end of your term.

      If you email help@hover.com with the details they will fix you up.

      We didn’t want to presume that customers wanted those unused accounts since our old bundle pricing forced many into buying more than they needed.

      Sorry we inconvenienced you here. It’s not our intention to take anything away.

  • Adam Lein

    I was excited about the new upgrades and pricing options, until I learned that “personalized email address” customers aren’t allowed to switch to the new plans and are stuck on the 2Gb mailbox for $35/year (which used to be $5, then $10)

    • We’ll be tackling an upgrade to personal names email in the next little bit. Stay tuned – I think you’ll like what we have planned.

      • Adam Lein

        Oh! That’s better than the “no storage increase, no price decrease for you” message I got from customer service. I shall look forward to the announcement.

  • memphislegal

    My domains started with EV1Servers until I was told the domains are with Hover. This was never my decision. I do not need any bells, whistles, or emails with these domains for they are parked until I can put them in my business. Now I am being told I must pay for email addresses and Hover is “excited” about it. The large domain registrars actually give you a choice as to what “add ons” you would like to pay for — and not ordain it. We are not a communist country and I like to make my own choices as to what options are best for me. I cerrtainly hope that the gurus sitting around the Hover conference room table in developing this new business model actually factored into their new plan the mass exit of its faithful customers as they trek to much more reasonable domain providers. I have already started my domain transfers. See you in bankruptcy court.

    • There’s certainly no intention to make you take any add-on services with your domains. It’s likely the case that you had email on your account that you weren’t aware of going back to when your domain was first moved to Hover from EV1 and those converted into paid accounts in this transition.

      One of our support people will be in touch on Friday to sort it out with you and make sure you only have the services you want and nothing more.

  • what the business mailbox? compared to the big mailbox?

  • Dale Jefferson

    I’m guessing there is still no catch all email forwarding? I created an email address per site (one of the benefits of having your own custom domain) so using hover it would cost $1,000’s ($5 per address) to forward my mail. With Fastmail it costs me $40 a year for all my domains. I really want to host my mail with Hover!

    • That’s correct. We don’t offer catch-all forwards at Hover. We refuse all emails with unknown addresses to help combat spam and reduce network traffic, like many other email providers.

      • Dale Jefferson

        Thanks for your reply James. I’m happy for Hover to charge more for catch-all forwards to offset the network traffic cost. As it is I have no way of using Hover’s email forwarding. I’m sure i’m not the only one.

        • I appreciate the desire to have that as a feature, and also your willingness to pay for it. The decision to not offer catchalls was one made by the email team and I don’t anticipate that there will be a change in that policy.

          Sadly, that means our email service isn’t the one for you. That said, sometimes web hosts provide catchalls as part of their hosting packages (I have the feature at the host I use for my sites). You’ll need to get the MX records switched over to theirs, but that might be an option for you.

  • Bill

    “To sum it up, Hover Email is better, you’ll pay the same or less for the email you have with us today, and everyone is happier with straight per mailbox, per year pricing.”

    Really? Not better at all. Paying more = not happy. One domain’s 5 small mailboxes goes from $40 annually to $100 annually?
    If so, Goodbye Hover!

  • taguntumi

    Having only signed up a couple of weeks I was shocked to receive this email. Despite being dressed up in is really a massive increase I paid $65 for 10 email addresses a small increase on what I was paying 1and1 which was OK now, 10 email addresses will cost me $200? Its basically a price increase however you dress it up.

    I also paid for 10 and have at least 1 unused which would now apprently cost me an additional $20 to use, despite it being in my contract.

    Your new pricing is I think inline with Fastmail but there is a reason I didn’t go there – price.

    Well thats one MacPowerUsers recommendation that’s a loser.

    • If you had email already under the old pricing plan, you’ll continue to pay about what you did before going forward. We’ll also happily restore any of those unused mailboxes for you and redo the calculation to make sure you can use what you paid for through the end of the term and beyond.

      • taguntumi

        What does pay about mean? How do I get my 1 unused email address back?

  • jradcock

    I’m Not wild about the pricing structure change. I will be reviewing the effect on my renewals price-wise. I have several domains that included the “free” mail forwards. I will not pay extra for those if the service is otherwise the same. I have 25 with domains with Hover. Many of them are parked (with the included free forwarding address).
    I’d prefer not to move them, but if the renewal fees (for essentially the same service) increase to an unreasonable level, I will not hesitate to park them elsewhere.
    Further, I miss the personalized webmail interface that now requires me to use the “Hover” url.
    Slowly but surely all of the services and features that made “Domain Direct” (now Hover) one of the best services of its type have been reduced in functionality, have endured ill conceived modifications, or have been eliminated entirely.
    Sorry if this seems like sour grapes but I doubt the “restructuring” will be of little (if any) benefit to me as a customer.
    I’ll be watching to see how this change affects my experience as a Hover customer.
    “Just a Customer”

  • Ronald

    So I just found this thread. Honestly this pisses me off, for years I have domains just auto-renew without any issues then I just noticed getting billed for $40 per domain and apparently it’s because hover is now forcing this emailboxes to it’s customers. Don’t you guys even ask for authorization? I just want my domains renewed with no other products or extras added to it. Is there even an option to to turn of these mailbox options? I WANT MY MONEY BACK.

    • Ronald

      Just an update. Hover support removed all the mailboxes for me and refunded the excess charge. Thank you for the quick assist.

  • I’ve only now noticed I’m paying for mailboxes I neither want or need. I need to renew my domain and there’s no option to remove these mailboxes?