If you didn’t get a chance to check out yesterday’s announcement, Hover is now offering Google Apps for Business! Thanks for all your great feedback regarding our partnership with Google. We’ve compiled some of your questions with the corresponding answers into a list below.

[as of July 11, 2013]

Q: Google Apps for Business is $5/user/month. What exactly is Hover providing for the additional $1/user/month?
A: Most importantly, you’ll be getting the quality of customer service that you’ve come to expect with Hover. You can call us at your convenience and we’ll pick up the phone immediately, no hold, no phone trees, etc. We’re also offering this great support to all of the users on your domain as well – as opposed to just administrators. We’re also offering full DNS support and instant activation, so the setup, onboard and management processes are just that much simpler.

Q: If i decide to leave Hover, will the Google Apps account associated with the domain name come with me?
A: Of course! You can always transfer your Google Apps account to any other Google Apps reseller. They are pretty portable, just like your domain name.

Q: Is it possible to downgrade an account to lesser seats?
A: If you’d like to remove seats from your Google Apps account, you’ll have to wait until your subscription period is over, then repurchase the desired amount of seats. Unfortunately we cannot refund seats after they have been purchased.

Q: Will I be able to ad seats later on in my subscription if my team gets bigger?
A: Yes, you can! Our system will prorate the amount of seats you want to add.

Q: Will my Google Apps account sync to my domain name registration period?
No. Google Apps is billed separately from your domain name.

Q: What happens if my domain expires?
Since Google Apps is billed separately from your domain, the expiry of the domain will not effect the Google Apps account. However, the Google Apps account cannot be moved to a different domain name. Choosing the monthly plan may be the best option if you do not want to commit to a year subscription.

Q: Can I move my Google Apps services to another domain in the middle of my subscription?
A: No. There’s only one domain per apps account. This can’t be migrated onto another domain. You can add another domain to the account in Google Apps, however.

Q: Can I have more than one Google Apps account per Hover account?
A: Yes. You can have multiple Google Apps accounts per Hover account, but only ONE account per domain.

Q: How do you cancel a 30 day trial? What happens if I forget to cancel? Can I get a refund?
A: You must go to the “Google Apps” tab in their Hover account and click on “Delete this Subscription” prior to the 30 days in order to NOT be billed for the next month. There are no notifications about the ending of your subscription.

Q: How long after activating do I need to verify domain ownership?
A: 5 days. If a domain is not verified with in 5 days the account is deleted. If you have Hover name servers they will be fine as the verification and DNS records are automatically updated upon activation, but 3rd party servers will need to be verified in 5 days.

Q: When you transfer a domain with a Google Apps account to another domain provider, what happens to the Google Apps account?
A: As long as you move your DNS records with them or keep the Hover name servers (with their DNS records here), nothing changes.

Q: What is the maximum number of seats one can purchase?
A: 749

Q: Can I have Hover mail on one domain and Google Apps on another?
A: Yes! You are free to decide what domains under your account you’d like to have Google Apps with or Hover mail.

Q: What’s the major difference between using Hover mail for email or Google Apps email?
A: Hover email and Gmail are built with different users in mind. Gmail (in Google Apps) comes with a bunch of great collaborative tools for your entire team, which makes it great for organizations. Hover email is great for individuals or smaller businesses.

Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions that we may have missed. If you’re having difficulty with your Google Apps account, feel free to give us a call at

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