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  • Alejandro

    I am using google apps mail with my domain, and have just transferred the domain to hover. I’d like to use hover mail instead – can I transfer my same email address and the mail in the apps account to hover webmail?

    • Blair

      Hi Alejandro,

      This can be done. The best thing to do would be to send an email to help@hover.com or give us a call at 1-866-731-6556 so we can help you out.

  • Jason

    I have two domains hosted with Hover. One using Google Apps Sync mail and the other Hover mail. In Outlook 2013, the Google Apps Sync mail works as expected, however the Hover mail IMAP account will not reply to emails. What’s the solution to eliminate the inability to reply to Hover emails and allows me to manage both email domains in one Outlook 2013 profile using Google Apps Sync?