A great email address from Hover can help you get a better job

Posted on April 13, 2012 by

If you’re graduating this year (sincere congratulations!), we’re sure your professors have already told you at length that it’s a tough job market out there. While there are jobs to be had, competition for them is fierce.

Hover is offering a little help: For $25 you can get your own domain name (.com, .net. .me or .ca) and custom email address to help your resume jump off the pile.

On the job hunting trail

We’re going to assume you’ve already got your resume updated and it’s sparkling. Your LinkedIn profile is current and you’ve got a couple of references willing to spew superlatives about how awesome you are when called upon to do so. Your Facebook profile is set to private.

Right up in the header of your resume though, there’s a problem.

Assuming you’re no longer using the email alias you created in high school (and if it’s anything like the first email handle I came up with when I was young and not terribly world wise, I hope you’re not) you probably have something like youfirstandlastname_yearofbirth@freewebmailprovider.com

Getting a personal email address like you@yourdomain.com or me@myname.net is much better for your personal brand. It looks more professional and demonstrates that you care. It also gives you a chance to further drive home the message that you’re an excellent candidate for the position: if a recruiter or hiring manager is considering calling you in for an interview, they’re going to want to get a full picture of what you’re all about. A savvy hiring manager will take a look at your website. Even if you don’t explicitly list “www.yourdomain.com,” she can easily deduce the site address from your email address.

Create a web site or direct to your LinkedIn profile

With Hover domain and email management tools, you can easily set up your domain name to direct people to your LinkedIn profile, your online portfolio or really, any online resource.

To go the extra mile, set up a simple web site on your domain name. Hover has teamed up with Squarespace to offer students 10% off the beginner site building package. Just use the discount code HIREME at checkout. You can create a simple, attractive web site with your resume and a little detail about you. It’s much easier than you might think.

Register your own domain name and email address

  • On Hover, use the domain name search bar to look for the perfect domain name. Try your first and last name.
  • Select your new domain name from the list of results
  • Add one mailbox to your order.
  • At checkout, use the promocode HIREME.